The five most extravagant celebrity trailers

Whether you're a famous actor, musician or any other miscellaneous breed of celebrity, leaving behind the luxury of your beautifully lavish home to actually get some work done must be a real drag. Luckily for them however, working away from home doesn’t necessarily mean leaving home comforts behind thanks to the portable luxury found in on-site trailers, RV's or caravans. From two story trailers with indoor hot tubs to typical caravan exteriors crammed to the brim with gadgetry on the inside, these portable palaces are often better equipped than most peoples permanent homes. Here we look at five of the most well equipped and luxurious celebrity trailers and which celebrities have the pleasure of using them.

Barack Obama: Ground Force One

Barack Obama Ground Force One The unofficially named Ground Force One was originally commissioned by the government in 2011 to transport Barack Obama around the country during his 2011 tour leading up to the 2012 elections. Where the government used to retroactively modify buses and RV's to bring them up to presidential standards, this model was built from the ground up with comfort and survivability in mind. Apart from being heavily armoured and able to resist high calibre bullets as well as small explosions, the bus is also fitted with specialist secret service communications equipment. Considering the cost of the bus, a reported 1.1 million, the sensitivity of the equipment inside and the preciousness of its human cargo, one can only imagine the level of luxury that can be found inside its solid black and chrome shell.

Ashton Kutcher Men on set trailer

Ashton Kutcher Two and a Half Men on set trailer This monster trailer, rented for Ashton Kutcher from Anderson Mobile Estates, is so big that it actually sits on the back of an articulated truck cab! Fully rendered in oak, marble and leather, this 1200 square foot monster camper houses no less than seven plasma screens and a full-360 panoramic security system. Reportedly, this set back CBS who are the company behind Two and a Half Men nearly $8,750 a week to rent from the luxury 'mobile estate' provider. The side walls and the second floor emerge from the main body of the trailer using a hydraulic system that almost doubles the floor space inside the trailer and gives the whole thing a Transformers-esque sense of grandeur when it arrives and unfolds. The logistics of designing the interior space so that the furniture can accommodate this hydraulic powered change in size must have been incredibly complex.

Simon Cowell: The X-Factor motor home

Simon Cowel The X-Factor motor home The music industry mega-mogul knows how to travel in style with this monolithic motorhome which includes a 100 inch cinema room, a state of the art entertainment system and a second floor bar which can accommodate up to 30 people! It's pretty clear that this motor home was designed as a place to host guests and it has been reported that the star frequently invites the performers back to his mobile mansion for after show drinks. One interesting quirk of the star's trailer is that it contains one of the most advanced mobile medical units in the world, giving Simon access to EKG gloves, a vitals monitor and a satellite link to an on call doctor. Some have speculated that the only other vehicle with such an advanced mobile medical unit is President Obama's Air Force One passenger plane.

Will Smith: Men in Black 3 on set trailer

Men in Black 3 on set trailer Will Smith got into a spot of trouble over his mammoth trailer when filming on location for Men in Black 3 when annoyed New York residents started to contact the local authorities. A representative of the city, Mr Peter Vallone Jr., told the New York Post: "Hardworking New Yorkers have a right to wake up in the morning and not find a cruise ship parked out in front of their house. This is New York, not Hollywood. We don't roll that way." On top of the bad PR this represented for 'brand Smith' he was also apparently rather unhappy when his trailer was relocated to a car park only one mile away from the street it was originally parked. It wasn’t all bad news for Smith though, as he was allowed to keep his second trailer (used exclusively as a personal gym) in its original location. What is strange though is that reportedly Smith was also renting an apartment mere minutes from the site the trailers were originally parked. Does one man need three dwelling on one single street?

Pamela Anderson: A gift from Hugh Hefner

A gift from Hugh Hefner Adorned with 'finishing touches' like a vibrating bed, a stripper pole, Playboy bunny interiors and a state of the art entertainment system, this trailer was a gift given to Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame. Given to her by the Playboy millionaire Hugh Hefner, the refurbishment of this Airstream trailer also featured on American TV show Unique Whips, broadcast on the SPEED network. As Pamela fell on hard times in 2010, the trailer went to auction and sold for between $20000 and $30000 as a 'collectors piece'. About the author: Sam Shelley is a blogger and motoring enthusiast currently writing in association with Cosford Caravans [smartads]

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  1. Would love to see the exterior of Simon Cowell’s trailer. The inside looks like its got a huge width to it! Wouldn’t like to be towing/driving it!!

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