Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Uses for Beers

Well, beer is a common part of almost every house in Europe and other non-Muslim countries of the world. You may find different flavors, sizes and qualities of beers easily on different stores according to your budget and taste obviously. Though beers are used mainly to drink all over the world (subject to permission and availability in the respective country) but there are several other ways to use this drink. Below list is about top 10 amazing unusual uses for beers.

Use Beer to Polish Furniture

Using beer to polish furniture is at No. 10 in our top 10 amazing and unusual uses for beers list. It is surprisingly really good liquid to polish furniture. Just pour some beer onto a polishing cloth and start buffing your desired part of furniture. Of course furniture should be made of timber. Your final buffing should be of dry cloth which will give you a shiny look immediately.

Use Beer to Fertilize your Garden

This is really an interesting and amazing use for beer. Yes, you can have a relatively more fertilized garden using beer because of the yeast and some other extracts that are the part of normal beer. It is said these are good to have a good plant growth in your garden. You just need to tip the half-drunk bottles or cans of beer into your garden, that it.

Use Beer to Remove Stains

I believe many of my readers will aware of this fact that beer is really effective in removing stains from your carpet, clothes or other same kind of stuff. You may use beer to clean nasty stuff (stains) from your carpet that you normally notice shortly after ending a party at your home. Well, you can pull that stain easily from your carpet using a light beer. You may also try club soda before using beer as it may avoid using beer and you get a stain-free carpet.

Use Beer to Deter Bees

Well, it is a common thinking that wasps as well as bees are attracted beer. You will be amazed reading that this is true. So don’t spend your precious time in finding most suitable citronella candles or oils for this purpose, but try open beer cans instead. You will definitely achieve your purpose and eventually will get rid of the bees around your picnic point in the park. Just put these open beer cans at minimum a yard away from the BBQ point.

Use Beer to Take a Bath

You probably have read in many stories that the famous, very beautiful lady of the past i.e. Cleopatra used to take her normal-life baths in milk. Well, beer may also be used for the same purpose. You will definitely get more cleansing skin by taking a beer bath. Obviously your skin will be more exfoliated after taking this bath. Just fill up your bath tub with beer and try this now. Don’t forget taking a long shower after taking a beer bath.

Use Beer to Wash Hair

Well, beer could be the best option for all those who have limp hair and could be the best alternative to the store-bought shampoos. This is more natural compare to the chemically made shampoos. Pick up a raw egg, mix one can into that egg and use this mixture just like you use your normally purchased shampoo. You probably have heard the usage of raw eggs as shampoos which was very common in the old days. This use of beer is at No. 5 in our top 10 amazing and unusual uses for beers.

Use Beer to Kill Slugs

Though the best friends of a gardener are generally named as worms, but slugs are always included in the no-wanted list of all gardeners. Well, these slimy pests could be dried up using some salt and this techniques works really well, but it requires a lot of efforts before apply as you need to find them first. Slugs love beer and you can entice them using this technique. Find an empty jar, pour some beer into it and finally place it anywhere in the soil. They will die drowning in the end.

Use Beer to Make a Batter

It is a usual habit in households that a little raising agent is added whenever the intention is to make batter and mainly baking powder is used for this purpose. But beer could be another interesting and useful option for this purpose. You can get raising in your batter from the yeast and the bubbles in the drink. You can add more beer if you feel the batter is still very thick and add little more flour only if the batter is too thin.

Put Beer in Chili

Well, this could be a unique usage for many as well in addition to an amazing and unusual uses for this drink. Well adding beer to the chili is definitely one of the best ways for all those who want to add a little extra liquid and flavor to their chili. I recommend using darker beers for this purpose only because it is available relatively in more flavors than others and therefore you can get more punch.

BBQ a Chicken using Beer

This could be relatively easiest recipe to BBQ a chicken using beer. Just have an opened beer can, stand a full chicken on this can and let it cook on the barbeque. You must insert can in the neck area of the chicken which then is stood upright. The beer subtly flavors the meat as soon as the chicken started cooking on heat. This results in preparing surprisingly moist as well as relatively tastier chicken. This is at No. 1 in this list.

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