Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are very common in our routine lives and majority of chemists / scientists is used to such reactions during their experiments. Though amazing chemical reactions list may include hundreds of items in the list but we have to conclude it to top 10 amazing chemical reactions so far. It’s highly recommended to stay away from such experiments without bringing it to the knowledge of any expert of without any involvement of an expert because it may result in serious damage to the person involved in experiment.

Sodium Iodide and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and sodium iodide chemical reaction is at No. 10 in top 10 amazing chemical reactions list, which probably is known to many even from when they were in their high school chemistry class. When potassium iodide is combined with hydrogen peroxide, it produces oxygen gas in prodigious volume. Though this colorless gas can’t be viewed after this chemical reaction but mixing some dish soap may bring you visuals of this reaction.

Superabsorbent Polymer

Superabsorbent Polymer chemical reaction is also included in top 10 amazing chemical reactions list at No. 9. Chemists also name superabsorbent polymers as hydrogels. They’re generally known as the elements that can absorb liquid relative to its own mass up to an extremely large amount. Therefore, this ability includes their used widely in commercial production of incontinence garments, diapers and other water protecting items like underground cabling.

The Old Nassau Reaction

The Old Nassau Reaction is at No. 8 s list and such demonstration is widely named as “the Halloween reaction” by the chemists. This type of chemical reaction is also named as “Clock” reaction very commonly, only because of the delayed chemical interactions. Such interactions work in improving the process of obvious changes in the color of the mixture. Just combine three solutions of potassium iodate, mercury(ii) chloride and sodium bisulfate. Mix the solutions of mercury(ii) chloride and sodium bisulfate, then add the potassium iodate solution simultaneously in this mixture. You will notice the mixture turning into orange-red color only after a few seconds.

Floating on Sulfur Hexafluoride

Sulfur Hexafluoride is widely known as a non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless and colorless gas. This gas is easily pourable to open containers because it’s 5 times denser than air, and light weight object can float in Sulfur Hexafluoride same as they can in simple water. It has the power to slower down your voice as soon as you inhale it because the sound waves eventually gets slower down due to the weight of this gas. See for yourself in the clip below:

The Tollens Reaction

The Tollens reaction, which is also named as the “Silver Mirror” reaction or test, is at No. 6 in our list of top 10 amazing chemical reactions. This is a common need of chemists to know whether there’s a ketone or an aldehyde in a certain compound. Organic compounds generally have these two groups that are known as structurally similar chemical groups. Tollens’ reagent is most commonly used way by the chemists to do this job. Tollens are a mixture of ammonia, silver nitrate and sodium hydroxide.

Superfluid Helium

Superfluid Helium chemical reaction is at No. 5. Helium eventually reaches to a point after it is coold to -271 degree centigrade, which is named as the lambda point. Helium is named at this stage (which actually is a liquid stage of the helium) as Helium II. This state of Helium is also named as “Superfluid Helium”. There’s no measurable viscosity of Helium when it reaches to second stage even from flowing through 10 to 8 and 10 to 7 meters capillaries.

Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bears

Potassium Chlorate and gummy bears reaction is at No. 4 in this list. Potassium chlorate is generally considered as an agent that is very effectively oxidizing. It clearly means that snatching electrons becomes very effective because of this agent from other reactants that are also named as redox reaction. Sugar is generally considered as element that can be oxidized very easily. Combine potassium chlorate with gummy bear, give some heat and soon you will have an unfolding oxidation reaction.

Thermite and Liquid Nitrogen

Thermite and liquid nitrogen chemical reaction is at No. 3. Thermite is widely recognized as a metal oxide as well as an aluminum poser which becomes the reason of producing a thermite reaction, also known as an aluminothermic reaction. Though such reaction doesn’t known as an explosive reaction but it’s strong enough to create extremely high temperature’s short bursts. The process may create thousands of degree temperature after getting initiated with any detonator.

Magnesium in Dry Ice

Magnesium in dry ice chemical reaction is at No. 2 in our top 10 amazing chemical reactions list. You may view anything burning without any involvement of oxygen which surely is not common to many. Two blocks of dry ice are used in this chemical reaction process having lit magnesium shavings between them. These two dry ice blocks isolate magnesium that eventually prevents this element to get burned from oxygen. Remember, there’s a frozen carbon dioxide in dry ice which is reduced by magnesium to carbon, then freed oxygen is used by magnesium to burn.

Briggs-Rauscher Reaction

This reaction is also named as an oscillating chemical reaction. The newly / freshly prepared colorless solution eventually turned into a very dark blue solution gradually after turning into an amber color in start of the process. Slowly it turns into a colorless solution (as it was in very first state of this process) and the process repeats more or less ten times. At last, it converts itself into a blue liquid smelling. Certain chemical reactions get released in result of first reaction to the liquid, which then initiate a second reaction that repeats the whole process from start.

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