Top 10 Amazing Coincidences

You may have gone through at least once (if not several) coincidences in your life time so far because it’s a generally saying that life is full of such incidences. Some of these incidences may be very minor and are not discussable with others but occasionally such coincidences can be extraordinary and become non-ignorable. Below list of top 10 amazing coincidences combines some top famous coincidences of modern history so far.

Three Train Strangers Complementary Names

A train was going through Peru sometime in 1920s and there were three Englishmen on this train who entered into the train separately. At the time these three started gaining introduction of each other, there was none other person then these three in the railroad car. Surprisingly, they were shocked after their introductions beyond imagination. The last name of first person was Bingham while Powell was the name of second person. Surprisingly, the last name of third person was Bingham-Powell. What a coincidence? This is on 10th in top 10 amazing coincidences.

Poe Coincidences

Egdar Allan Poe, known as the historically famous horror writer, wrote “The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym” in the 19th century. This book went through a series of coincidences which originally was written about four lucky survivors of a ship ruin. These people were actually fought for their lives in the open sea on an open boat. They were in this state for many days and eventually decide to save their lives by killing Richard Parker (the cabin boy). They finally killed the boy just to finish their hunger and survived this way.

Twin Brothers Killed Within Hours on the Same Road

It was a saddest day of year 2002 when two twin brothers (both were of 70 years of age) got killed in two different road accidents within the difference of around an hour. But the most shocking or coincidental part of these two deaths is that both got killed on the same road in northern Finland. First accident happened with a lorry which killed the first of these twin brothers who was on his bike. At around a distance of 1.5 kilometers from this accident scene on the same road, his twin brother

Finding of a Book

“The Girl From Petrovka” was made in 1973 and actor Anthony Hopkins agree working in this novel based story written by George Fiefer. Hopkins tried his best to buy a copy of this novel book but couldn’t find one across London. Surprisingly, Hopkins found it in a train station lying on a vacant bench. The book later on discovered as the personal copy of George Fiefer (carrying his annotation) which was lent by the author to his friend and got stolen somehow. What a coincidence and thus it got 7 th place in top 10 amazing coincidences.

Twin Boys, Twin Lives

The stories related to twins (that are almost identical twin and have nearly same lives) are definitely very astonishing, but they can’t be more astonishing than this story of Ohio twin brothers. These twins were adopted by two different families who were separated by birth by their fate. Both were unknown to each other and families but coincidently, both families named these kids James. Both got law- enforcement training, both were able to work as carpenter, mechanical drawer and both married with the women named Linda. Both had one son named James Allan and James Alan.

Revenge Killing

A relationship got broken off in 1883 which was of Henry Ziegland with his girlfriend. The girl couldn’t face and bear this situation and committed suicide. Later on, the enraged brother of Ziegland’s girlfriend hunted him down by shooting him. The brother believed he had taken the life of Ziegland and finished his own life as well, but in fact Ziegland was alive. The bullet actually struck into a tree after grazing his face. The year later, Ziegland decided to destroy this tree and placed dynamite around it. The bullet got propelled by this explosion into the head of Ziegland which eventually killed him.

Baby Falls, Saved Twice by Same Man

It was a day (actual date, time, month and year is not known) of 1930s in Detroit where this top-rated amazing coincident happened with a young mother. She must be thanked to Joseph Figlock who saved his son twice who fell from the building’s very high window onto that man. The fall of the baby of that young mother was broken somehow but fortunately the man catch that baby and both were unharmed. The next year the same baby fell onto the same man and the result was same. This incidence got 4 th in our top 10 amazing coincidences list.


A man was riding a moped in 1975 in Bermuda (well-popular area of the world to many for its conspiracy) but accidently he lost his life by getting struck by a taxi. The most interesting or coincidental part of this story is that the brother of this man got killed the very next year in the very same way. Coincidently, he was also driving the same moped the one his brother was driving. You will shock hearing the fact that the same taxi hit the second man that actually had killed his brother and it was being driven by the same driver as well. Even the passenger of that taxi was also the same.

James Dean’s Car

The Porsche sports car belonged to James Dean is full of coincidences of American history. Dean got gilled in September 1955 in result of a horrific car accident. After this crash his car faced several unlucky incidences. The engine slipped and shattered both legs of a mechanic when it was brought to a garage from the crash scene. Later on, the same engine was fitted into a racing car belonged to a doctor, who also got killed during a race. Later on, the garage where this Porsche car was repaired got destroyed by fire. Later on it broke the hip of a teenager when it was in display center in Sacramento because it fell of its mount. Finally, it broke down into 11 pieces in 959 mysteriously while it was on steel supports.

Historical Coincidence of United States

The names of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are definitely known to almost every American especially who loves reading and knowing about the national history. These two are among founders of this now super power of the world. Thomas Jefferson got popularity for crafting the Declaration of Independence while John Adams for editing honing this declaration. The Continental Congress later on approved this effort of both founding fathers of United States on July 4, 1776. Surprisingly, the saddest death incident of these founding fathers happened on same death of July 4 when declaration got approved, but it was of year 1826.

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