Top 10 Amazingly Cool Facts about Space

There would be many cool facts about space that would be in your knowledge especially if you are a science student. But I believe there are many yet that are to reach you and you probably have not heard or read many cool facts about space that are included in this list below. Even though we have entered into modern science era but yet very little knowledge is there with the human beings about space. Below list is about some amazingly cool facts about space.

Constantly Moving

Last but not the least, the Milky Way as well as our galaxy is constantly moving with an extraordinary speed per second. The science proved that we are moving at 530 kilometers per second speed (at our planet Earth) because the galaxy is traveling (moving) in the space with 305 kilometers per second speed and the Milky Way with 225 kilometers per second. It means every single person on Earth goes 19,000 kilometers away from its previous location in space after every single minute.

Sunspot Music

Some of you probably have an idea that the beautiful sound that comes from the Stradivarius violins is actually the result of sunspot activity because science claims this activity as the primary reason behind it. History claims about Antonio Stradivari that he was greatest violin maker that ever existed. He was a great violinist between 17th and 18th centuries in Italy.

George’s Star

George’s Star was the old (previous) name of the Uranus and I can bet this name was known to many. Uranus was actually the discovery of Sir William Herschel which became known to the world in 1781. He called it George’s Star. He gave it this name after King George III his new patron that time. It is also said about the Uranus that science discovered this planet as the very first planet after Sun using a telescope.

Solar Diet

This is another very interesting (cool) fact about space that around a billion kilograms is being lost by the Sun in every second only because of solar winds. Solar winds are commonly known in science language as the charged particles that are the result of an ejection process that held on the sun’s upper surface. This ejection is only due to the high temperature of corona on the sun’s surface. This cool fact is at No. 7 in our some amazingly cool facts about space.

Moon is Drifting Away

Can you believe on this fact? Science believes and has proved that our lovely, beautiful biggest shining star of the night (Moon) is actually drifting away from our planet. It is said that it is going away from Earth at a rate of 3.8 cm / year. The science claims tidal effects the main reason of this act. Actually the rotation rate of our planet Earth is also slowing down by 0.002 seconds on daily basis after every century.


The science also claims that Saturn is floatable. Yes, they say if this planet will be put into water, it would not sink but would float easily. Actually they claim it a planet with very low density and this thing makes this planet floatable. It is claimed that this planet has 0.687 g/cm3 density while water has relatively enhanced density which is 0.998 g/cm3. Though the test is impossible but the planet is floatable because of its density.

Ancient Light

This is really cool fact in our some amazingly cool facts about space list and you will agree after reading this. The light you are looking at the moment on Earth is actually 30,000 year old. Yes, you read it right. This is an ancient sunlight you are experiencing today. It actually has to pass through the dense atoms and after that it takes not more than 8 minutes to travel through the space and reach on our planet. There are many successive layers on sun that are compulsory to pass by this light.

Cold Welding

This is really amazing. Have you ever seen two metals permanently stuck together in your life? Well, it does if it happens in space. Would you believe this amazing fact about space? The space vacuum actually merges two pieces of metal into one. This could be a big problem to you that how can we avoid two metals becoming one in the space? Well, a process, called cold welding does this efficiently.

The Big Dipper

You probably have read about the Big Dipper which is probably a constellation to many. But the fact is not as you think about it. Actually The Big Dipper is an asterism and not a constellation. You probably have idea about an asterism as it is known as a pattern of several stars and is not categorized under 88 officially renowned constellations. There is at least one (but generally many) constellation in an asterism.

Extra Moons

Though this amazing fact has not yet proved, but it is said very close to get proved. So we put it in our list and it got top position only for the coolness of the fact. An asteroid was discovered by Duncan Waldron in 1986 which orbit virtually identical to our planet Earth, around the sun. It means planetoid and Earth seems like traveling one after other or following each other. Sometimes this planetoid is referred as another (extra moon) of our planet.

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