Top 10 Android Apps for Educational Purposes

Google Play Store has been getting more apps recently and Android device users are now enjoying their share of fun. As more apps are being added to it, it becomes more competitive to the Apple App Store. Now, it has a fair number of apps in all categories and its educational apps are truly helpful. I’ve listed below the top 10 educational apps for the Android platform.


MaP Master This is an educational app that helps you learn geographical locations. You can try locating different places on the map and earn points for each appropriate pointing. It comes with seven levels of challenges and you can play it with up to ten players. There are about 350 places to locate and you needn’t place the pin exactly on the place to earn points. You can earn scores easily even if you place the pin close to the exact location. Another good point about this app is that you can scroll the pin freely across the map. For more info please click the link. MapMaster Android Apps.

Driver’s Ed

Driver’s Ed Driver’s Ed gives you every bit of information you need to know before taking up a driving test. Right from the road rules to the meanings of traffic signs, you can learn everything that you have to. It covers topics such as Accidents, Safety and Your Vehicle, Traffic Signs, Alertness, and so on. Moreover, it also offers mock tests so that you can face your DMV test confidently. For more info please click the link. Driver’s Ed Android Apps


HomeWork This app helps you manage your school and study schedules effectively in one screen. You can list out your homework in different subjects and also know how much of the homework is pending at one glance. If you are following a timetable, you can enter it in the app and keep track of your progress. You can also define the class hours and contact information to organize your tasks efficiently. For more info please click the link. HomeWork Android Apps

Math Formulae Lite

Math Formulae Lite Math Formulae Lite is an app that gives a complete list of mathematical formulae that you will need for your daily homework. High school students and those who’re pursuing mathematical studies will find it greatly helpful. Topics covered include Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry. The crisp explanations for the formulae will help you understand it better. For more info please click the link. Math Formulae Lite Android Apps

Kids Numbers and Math

Kids Numbers and Math This is an app for preschoolers to learn math. The numbers are spoken in a kid-friendly way, making it easier for them to learn. This app also teaches kids to add, subtract and find the greatest and smallest numbers in a given range. The paid version allows you to set the range of numbers that you want to teach your kids. For more info about this app please click the link. Kids Numbers and Math Android Apps

Splashtop Whiteboard

Splashtop Whiteboard This is a highly useful app for teachers and students. They can make their lectures more interesting. It provides you a whiteboard, the content of which can be projected onto a bigger screen by connecting it to a classroom computer. As it supports gesture commands, you can easily teach with unhindered spontaneity. For more info please click the link. Splashtop Whiteboard Android Apps

50 Languages

50 Languages 50 Languages is a go-to app for those who travel extensively around the world. It has a store of the basic vocabulary of 50 languages. You can learn basic words that you will need to know in order to communicate in these languages. Even if you don’t have the need to learn the language, just learning words in different languages could be a good pastime. For more info please click the link. 50 Languages Android Apps

Teacher Aide Pro

Teacher Aide Pro Teacher Aide Pro is a must have app for all teachers. It helps you record your students’ attendance and keep track of assignment submission. You can also send bulk text messages to parents and students in a few taps. Apart from these features, it also lets you store the photos of up to 90 students so that you can easily remember their names. Fore more info please click the link. Teacher Aide Pro Android Apps

Chemistry Helper

Chemistry Helper Chemistry Helper is of good use to chemistry students. It comes loaded with a periodic table with links to Wikipedia pages. You also get a table of polyatomic ions, solubility rules and functional groups of organic chemistry. It also helps you calculate the molecular masses of compounds. For more info please click the link. Chemistry Helper Android Apps

United States History

United States History It helps you learn the history of the United States. You get to learn everything about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Flag Code, Presidents, and so on, using this app. It also gives random facts about the different states of the U.S. For more info please click the link. United States History Android Apps These are some of the most helpful educational Android apps. Though most of them cost you a few dollars, it’s worth investing in these apps as you get access to good educative content. [smartads]

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