Top 10 Apps for Travellers

Stupendous growth in technology has impacted human in every dimension, this ranges from social life, political and economic aspects. For travellers, your trips have been made simple, convenient and safe. You don’t need to worry of the place you will be put up in, the weather you are expecting or the condition of the vehicle you are using, credit to apps that can keep you posted of these and more. Some of the top ten apps that you cannot miss are; and here is Top 5 Best Smartphones for your Apps.

Google Goggles:

Google Goggles

This is android application that can help you to identify object or place without touching them. You are supposed to turn on the application and point the camera to object you want to identify. You will get full details of the object including it uses and if it is harmful. For the places new to you, turn on the app and point the camera to take some picture of the location, the app will automatically connect to the Google earth and inform you the location.


weatherbug ipad

This is android application that will keep you informed of the weather you are likely to experience. When you turn it on, it connects to reliable weather forecasting stations and alerts you of the weather patterns of the places you are travelling. The application can also give you the map of the places you are visiting. This can help you choose the appropriate car for the terrain or the kind of clothes you are supposed to put on.


  Yelp It is used to determine your location, you can also use it to search for nearest hotel and restaurants. This makes it convenient for you since you don’t need to drive searching for hotel, thus, it saves your money and time.

Talk To Me:

Talk To MeIt is android application that helps in language translation, it support international languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.


Trip advisor:

  Trip advisor This is one of the popular application and useful when travelling in places you haven’t been to. It will help you search for cheap restaurants, hotels, flights and filling stations.

Tourist eye:

Tourist eye appsThis application will help you to find the best places to have your vacation or adventure. It will inform you the services being offered at different destinations. This will enable you to come up with the places of your choice.



istone apps in travelThis app is very important when you are stranded in middle of a building, for example, you don’t know where the washrooms are or elevator. It is also very useful for travellers without great linguistic skills because they can use it to translate languages into 12 different languages.  


Photosynth appsFor travellers who wish to remember the best moments they had, Photosynth is the application you cannot miss. It takes pictures right-left, up and down and brings them together to create a 360 degree view of your backgrounds. In addition, it allows you to take 3D pictures.  


TripIt appsThis application will alerts you of anything that has been approved for you journey. For instance, if your passport, visa, flight or hotel has been processed, it will alert you. This will help you in your arrangements.  

Best parking:

Best parkingThis application will direct you on the best place to park, it will also inform you of the parking charges. Apart from applications, you need to be well informed of the places you wish to travel, this is because country’s policies and laws are dynamic, and in some cases such as natural hazards and war, you will be warn in time. You can listen and/or watch sky contact news for the latest news around the globe.
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