Top 10 Athletes to Watch in London Olympics 2012

Though there is a long list of favorite, best and excellent athletes in London Olympics 2012 but there are only few that are exceptional and the eyes of whole world are looking forward to see their performance. Everyone is hoping some excellent moments from these athletes that are from different countries of the world. Majority of top favorite athletes in London Olympics 2012 belongs to USA. Below list will give you an idea about athletes to watch in this mega event.

Liu Xiang

Though there are numerous outstanding athletes included in the Chinese squad for London Olympics 2012, but Liu Xiang would definitely be on top in this list to watch. Xiang is the national record holder in 110 meters hurdle running and is no doubt one of the most favorite athletes to watch in this mega event. Xiang is the winner of 2004 Olympic Games, but his injuries couldn’t include him in Chinese squad in 2008 Olympics. Chinese people have big hopes with Xiang in this Olympic.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is another great athlete included in the American squad set for this year’s Olympic Games of London. This professional swimmer is truly marvelous while performing in the water. Phelps is the most prominent swimmer of Beijing Olympics 2008 where he won 8 gold medals. Phelps will compete only in 7 swimming events this year because they didn’t select him in 200 meters freestyle swimming category.

Rafael Nadal

[caption id="attachment_2099" align="aligncenter" width="635"] .Rafael Nadal: He is such a stylish player who is always a tough target to defeat[/caption] How can we forget Tennis in this mega event? Whenever you talk about Tennis your discussion could never get completed without this discussion of Rafael Nadal. He is marvelous and outstanding to watch in the field. He is such a stylish player who is always a tough target to defeat. Nadal is definitely the top-favorite athlete in Tennis to watch in this mega event. This Spanish superstar is the winner of gold medal in last Olympics of Beijing, held in 2008.

Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay earned worldwide fame in Olympics world in 2007 when he attracted media attention by winning 100 meters and 200 meters races and became the World Champion. Usain Bold is the only person who brought his fame down but he is still a worth watching athlete to perform in the field in London Olympics 2012. This American athlete still holds national record for 100 meters race which is 9.69 seconds.

Robert Renner

Robert Renner is the only Brazilian athlete in this list, but millions of eyes will be thirsty to watch his performance in the field. Renner is recognized as the only tougher competitor of Didac Salas (notable Spanish athlete) in the pole vaulter category. Renner is not less than Salas in any way and has the potential to defeat him in this competition as he is the youth world champion of last year held in Lille. [smartads]

Christine Ohuruogu

Christine Ohuruogu is another British athlete in this list of favorite athletes of this year’s Olympics Games who is marvelous in her profession and is widely recognized as among best field and track athletes in England. Ohuruogu is known as the third fastest woman in the world in the 400 meters category. She was born in Newham, East London. Ohuruogu won 400-meter gold medal in Beijing 2008 Olympics with record 49.62 seconds.

Didac Salas

Didac Salas is among top-rated, very famous and favorite athletes to watch in London Olympics 2012. Salas belongs to Spain who is considered a matchless athlete in the long jump category. This only dream of this Spanish star is to achieve the target of a jump over 6 meters (which could be really a dream for many). Salas, the 18-year-old Spanish pole vaulter, is the holder of national record which was set in junior category this year. His current best is 5.42 meters.

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington is among those few female athletes who started shining in the sports world from the Beijing Olympics 2008. This marvelous athlete won 800 as well as 400 freestyle swimming competition in the last Olympics. This is not over but she set new World Record for her win in 800-meter freestyle swimming category which was 8 minutes 14.1 seconds. She set this record when she was only 19. Adlington belongs to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

Alvaro Martin

Though Alvaro Martin is pretty young to focus in this mega event but his outstanding short record put him on second position in the most favorite athletes’ list. Martin is the winner of junior race walk recently and is the record holder in Spanish 20 kilometers category in Lugano. He won this title this month. He described his biggest goal of this season which was nothing but the world juniors.

Chris Hoy

Though the competition is really tough but Chris Hoy is on top in this list. This British athlete, who is marvelous in cycling and British people have hopes from this cyclist, was given the honor of holding the British flag in opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. The British team will enter into the cycling competition under his leadership. His prolific cycling record has 3 gold medals against his name which he won in Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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