Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial rather quite beneficial for human health. There are numerous benefits for health if you take green tea. Chinese understand the health benefits of green tea and they have known them for ages which is why the use of green tea is high among the Chinese. If we dip the nose in scientific researches, we will come to know that drinking green tea can prevent us from various diseases. Antioxidants, found in green tea, help us stay healthier and strong.

Prevention from Alzheimer

Prevention from Alzheimer The studies reveal that green tea helps us stay away from many diseases and it inhibits brain enzymes which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Thus drinking it is undoubtedly healthful and you can make prevention from various diseases.

Harmful Effects of Smoking

Neutralizing the Harmful Effects of Smoking The researches and the medical scientists are of the view that when you take green tea on regular basis, it helps counteract the injurious and harmful effects of smoking. Besides, the heavy smokers can prevent themselves and the risk of lung cancer may reduce if they take green tea on regular basis.

High Blood Pressure Reduction

High Blood Pressure Reduction It has been reported and a number of researches show that green tea reduces the risk of blood pressure (hypertension) by 46 to 65 percent. Green tea is helpful in relaxing the blood vessels and lowering the high blood pressure. It also prevents the patients of high blood pressure prevent atherosclerosis.

Prevention Reduction from Acne

Prevention and Reduction from Acne The researches prove that green tea is much beneficial for making prevention and reducing acne. In addition to this, green tea possesses anti bacterial properties which help lessen bacterial acne. It detoxifies the body system and then goes on helping you overcome toxins and as a result, you get a sparkling and glowing skin.

Prevention from Stress

Prevention from Stress In the state of stress, you need not to take tablets or any kind of medicines to reduce or kill stress rather a cup of tea plays vital role in lessening and eliminating the problem of stress. The copious catechins in green tea are what lessen your body’s mental and physical responses to stress.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss There is no need to opt any exercises or taking medicines or using ways to lose weight when you can do so by drinking green tea only. At least three cups of green tea boost the metabolism by helping burning fat fast. Enjoy taking green tea by losing weight.

Protection against Cancer

Protection against Cancer The reports say and researches also reveal that green tea is much helpful in protecting against various kinds of cancers like lung, skin, breast, bladder, colon and esophageal cancer. The researchers say that polyphenols found in green tea slaughter cancer by stopping blood supply to cancerous cells.

Reduction of Breathing Problems

Reduction of Breathing Problems It is said that antioxidants found in green tea can lessen the oxidative stress caused by breathing problems. Scientists say that the use of green tea lessens the bad breath. If you have really bad breath then you need to use green tea as a mouth wash for four weeks to check good results.

Cardiovascular Health

Improvement of Cardiovascular Health The medical science says that the polyphenols found in green tea can lessen bad cholesterol at the same time developing the good cholesterol. This way the risk of heart diseases starts minimizing. Heart attack and stroke’s risk too reduces.

Mental Alertness and Sharpness

Mental Alertness and Sharpness If you take green tea regularly, your memory will become sharp and your mental health will improve. Memory loss will lessen and your activeness starts happening. Memory function begins happening faster than ever. [smartads]

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