Top 10 Best Christmas gifts in 2012 or 2013 under 10 dollars

Christmas is time when everyone wants to give best gifts to their loved ones. However, some people find it difficult to search for proper gift within limited budget. Many children want to give best gifts to their parents in holiday season in limited amount. Similarly friends also wish to give something pleasant to their friends by spending small amount of money. For this purpose these people start searching for best possible Christmas gifts in limited amount. A list of top 10 best Christmas gifts in 2012 under 10 dollar amount is as follow:

Homemade cookies

For people who are fond of baking it is quite easy to prepare cookies for cherished event of Christmas. You can not only consume these cookies on this great holiday but you can also give these cookies as Christmas gift to your friends and family members. In limited amount you can prepare good amount of cookies and can give them as gift in beautifully decorated jars

Frames for pictures

Picture frame is quite traditional Christmas gift. Parents used to give this gift to their parents and parents love to give beautiful picture frame to their children. You can enhance the value of this gift and personalize it by adding picture of your loved ones to these picture frames.

Handy Scalp Massager

You can also find hand held scalp massager for your loved ones as Christmas gift. This hand held scalp massager helps to relax you while offering massage in head or different parts of body. People can also use this massager for their shoulders and joints of knees. The price of this handy yet practical gift is around $10 and customers who have used this tool find it quite satisfying.

Bath Set

Bath set is also ideal Christmas gift for women. This gift is not only cost effective but also highly useful in homes. Bath sets are available from various brands in reasonable cost. These sets offer breathtaking fragrance and come in different colors and styles according to your taste. The price of bath sets starts from $3.00 and ends on $10.0

USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup warmer is another great Christmas gift for professional people who used to spend most of their time in front of computer and laptops. This cup warmer operate with help of USB connection and helps to keep your cup of coffee warm. For professional people it can prove to be one great gift during their official timings. The price of this USB Cup warmer is around $10 and children can give it to their parents as Christmas gift.

Ornaments for Christmas

Christmas decoration is an important part of Christmas. You can purchase Christmas ornaments as gift for your friends also. These ornaments are available in different styles and vibrant color and contribute to spirit holidays. These decorations are available at various stores and you can purchase all these within $10 amount.

Camping steel detachable knife

For people who are fond of camping and going on trips this camping steel detachable knife is great gift. This quality knife is not only sharp but also durable. There is a fork and knife that can be detached from each other and can be used for eating purpose. There is storage bag available with this tool that help to store it conveniently. Children can give this tool as Christmas gift to their fathers that cost around $5 only.

Set of books

Various websites offer book sets with cost under $10 for children. These book sets comprise of different exciting books for children of different ages. These book sets are available at different book stores also. Whether you are looking for story books or looking for some informative books for children, these sets are available for everyone. You can place order for these books online and you can gift them on wonderful day of Christmas to your loved ones.

Energizer Book LED Light

Book LED light by Energizer is also one great gift for book lovers. If you have friend fond of reading or you want to give something useful to your father this book LED light is one great ideal gift for this purpose. This is handy light that can be clamped on top of book and LED provides enough light so that person can read the book conveniently without turning on the lights of the room. This handy gift is cost effective with price under $10 and quite useful as well.

Tattoo hand puppets

Children love hand painted puppets. You can give these crazy animal face hand puppets to children on cheerful day of Christmas. This gift cost around $8 only. Children can convert their hands into faces of animal puppets with these tattoos. These tattoos are temporary and can be washed with help of soap and water conveniently. With these tattoo hand puppets children can start having fun right away on Christmas morning. This gift is ideal for small children especially of 5 years age and older. These top 10 best Christmas gifts in 2012 under 10 dollars are great way to express your love to relations around you. These gifts also help you to save good amount of money and you can enjoy Christmas at its best. [smartads]

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