Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands in the World

Wine is the beverage that is drunk enormously around the globe. Since the outset, wine has been the best beverage in place and the masses have been drinking it a lot. There are a number of wines’ types and among them red wine is loved due to its top quality and taste. Check out the top 10 best red wine brands.

Malbec Wine

Malbec Wine Malbec wine is quite famous in the world and it is made with Argentina’s signature purple grapes. Its rich violet color makes it distinguished and its taste is simple awesome.

Spanish Rioja

Spanish Rioja Spanish Rioja’s rich taste and quality lets the people enjoy it time and again. Made is Spain’s La Rioja place that is spread over 123,000 acres where this wine is made.

Barbera Wine

Barbera Wine This wine’s beauty is its silky texture and is called the best red wine in the world. This Italian wine compliments with American, European and Asian dishes aptly.

Australian Shiraz

Australian Shiraz This wine is made with Shiraz that is a dark skinned Australian grape. The delectable taste and the aroma make this wine much saleable.

Italian Chianti

Italian Chianti This Italian wine instantly holds the attention due to its packing as it is packed in a straw basket.

Californian Zinfandel

Californian Zinfandel Zinfandel is famous for its tasty flavors – strong with thick berry savor and light wine with fruity taste.

German Spatburgunder

German Spatburgunder Made with pinot noir grapes, it is called one of the best red wines in the world because of aroma and classy taste.


Pinotage This red wine has various flavors like bramble, smoky and earthy. It is made with grapes grown in South Africa.

Chilean Cabrenet Sauvignon

Chilean Cabrenet Sauvignon It is the widely famous red wine in the world. The people would love to drink it at all occasions and celebrations due to its color, quality and brilliant taste.

French Bordeaux

French Bordeaux It holds values among the drinkers because of its lip smacking taste and aroma. You cannot help enjoying it time and again. [smartads]

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