Top 10 Best Skateboarding Brands

Skateboarding is quite popular in the entire world. Almost every part of the world witnesses the people enjoying the skating or skateboarding. It is a fun sport and you love sailing on the wheels. It is an action sport that carries riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. This sport may also be considered a recreational activity that is super alluring. Besides it is also rated as an art form, a job and even a way of transportation. There are a number of popular skateboarding brands in the world, but some are really famous and holds the market. The same would be dashed off in this article. Let’s check them out.


Huf At number 10th is none other than Huf that has really come a long way since the launch of the company. The company is famed because of the best streetwear and sneakers it produces. Today it has grown into the best skate apparel and footwear brands. The company also is famous for the strapping celebrities’ signups with them.

Krooked Skateboards

Krooked Skateboards The next skateboard brand is Krooked Skateborad. Its fame is largely due to Mark Gonzales who is a skater, an artist and a personality who the people love the most. His brand Krooked is much famous among the skaters and the people who love skating.

Anti Hero

Anti Hero Anti Hero was founded by the famed pro skater Julien Stranger. The company is a direct expression of the sportsman’s attitude towards the skate industry. The company’s fame is for being one of the gnarliest skate brands in the market.


Magenta Number seven position is fetched by Magenta. The company’s distinction is that there is no middleman or any franchise or business person involved in the business. This shows how pure skates, the skateboarders can get from this French company.

Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards Palace Skateboards is at number sixth on the top 10 list. The brand is much popular in the world and among the skaters around the globe. The skates made by the company are really fabulous and you love enjoying the fun sport wearing Palace’s skates.


raw RAW is a prominent name in the world of sports and in the sport goods of skateboarding, the company also has distinction which is why it lands on the fifth place on the list. It is one of the East Coast’s toughest brands. RAW logo makes the people attract towards.

WPolar Skate Company

Polar Skate Company Behind this most famous brand of the skateboarding, Pontus Alv stays who is the mastermind and the artist. The brand’s products like tees, hats, hoodies and the skates are much famous among the sportsmen and people. Pontus has made the brand much popular.


Cliché Number third position is enjoyed by none other than the company named Cliché. The brand was founded by Jeremie Declin in Lyon, France in 1997. This French brand has been producing quality skates and skate related products since then and has good strapping position in the world market.


supreme Next on the list that is actually the number second place on this top 10 list of the world’s famous skateboarding brands is Supreme. The interesting thing about the brand is that it caters to everyone. It is also called a legendary downtown skate institution. Supreme is a hip-hop menswear and streetwear that is super alluring. The brand was founded in 1994 by James Jebbia in New York City.

Girl Skateboards/Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate Skateboards The brand was founded in 1993 in California by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze. The skateboard history was made when the two friends Mike Carroll and Rick Howard left Plan B and went on launching their own brand in 1993. Although Girl and Chocolate are two separate brand entities, but the brands work in same way and as a family. [smartads]

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