Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies

Biggest Bank Robberies have also become a trend for robbers who want to get rich overnight. They do not want to do efforts and struggles for life but, in fact, they are happy to put their lives in danger for money. Several bank robberies are reported every year across the globe but some of them become history. Below is a list of robberies that would be known for years. We named this list as top 10 biggest bank robberies in the history of modern world:

Biggest Bank Robberies in Central Bank of Iraq

The stats show that robbery in Central Bank of Iraq is the No.1 in top 10 biggest bank robberies. The robbery happened when Saddam Hussein was about to give up against allied forces in Iraq. The U.S. Army was busy in capturing Saddam Hussein but the robbers were busy in stealing the historical amount from the Central Bank of Iraq. They stole around $1 billion in this robbery in 2003. [caption id="attachment_311" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Robbery_in_Central_Bank_of_Iraq Biggest Bank Robberies[/caption]


Robbery in Dar Es Salaam

Robbers usually do not differentiate between a large bank chain or a small private bank. They just go to fulfill their plan. This is the most tragic bank robbery that happened to a small private bank in the history. It happened shortly after the Saddam Hussein’s incident in Iraq in which robbers stole around $300 million in one go in 2007. This small private bank was located in Baghdad in Karrada District.

Robbery in The Knightsbridge Security Deposit

This robbery got worldwide fame because it happened in the most secured area in England where royal families reside. This tragic bank robbery incident happened in 1987 in which robbers took an amount of USD $111 million from the bank’s so called safe deposit. A notice was hanged by robbers with the walls of this bank that security deposit is currently not available and temporarily closed.

Robbery in Banco Central

Banco Central robbery is regarded as the biggest bank robbery in Brazil but the 4th in top 10 biggest bank robberies in the world. This is the huge burglary break in the history. The robbers made really a smart plan for this robbery as they made a tunnel for around 255 feet. This robbery happened without being suspected to the people. They stole around USD $69.80 million in this robbery effort of 2005. They hired an empty building to dig up the tunnel to enter into the bank building.

Robbery in Northern Bank

This is the worst bank robbery in Northern Ireland which happened on December 20, 2004. The bank employees would be thinking for a nice Christmas that year but the bank faced a huge bank robbery a few days before Christmas which was of USD $50 million. The robbers selected the Northern Bank of Ireland’s headquarter for their plan. The robbery happened with the involvement of bank officials.

Robbery in British Bank of the Middle East

The robbery in the British Bank of the Middle East is regarded as the biggest bank robbery in Beirut history. This saddest incident happened in 1976. Though the building was just along a church in Beirut but still robbers selected it to rob. Even the robbers used the walls of nearby Catholic Church to enter into this bank’s building. They managed to steal USD $20 to $50 million in this effort, including jewels, bonds, stocks and gold.

Robbery in Pacific National Bank

The history recorded the robbery in Pacific National Bank as the smartest one that ever happened in United States. The robbers left no clue or traces behind his act but still managed to transfer around USD $10.8 million to his Swiss Bank account in 1978. Authorities were amazed that how a robber entered into the building, reached to 55th floor and transferred a huge amount without displaying his image in the security cameras? Later on, Stanley Mark Rifkin was arrested as the culprit behind 7th biggest in top 10 biggest bank robberies.

Robbery in Dunbar Armored Car Deposit

Robbery in Dunbar Armored Car Deposit is another historical robbery that is regarded as biggest in United States under the category of cash robberies. Allen Pace was later on traced and arrested as the mastermind of this historical car deposit robbery that happened in 1997. Everything was smartly planned and robber got full coordination from someone in the bank. The robbers took away more or less USD $18.9 million in this attempt.

Robbery in Loomis Fargo Bank

The robbers successfully managed to steal USD $17.3 million in one night. Mostly people who ever heard about this Loomis Fargo Bank robbery had same opinion that it can’t happen without the involvement of any bank officer. Ghannt was later on arrested as the mastermind or primary suspect of this robbery drama. It was second largest bank robbery of 1997.

Robbery in Bank of Ireland

The stats show that the robbery in Bank of Ireland was the second largest in the history of this beautiful and peaceful country on world map. Such huge robberies are really worrisome for the authorities in these modern and more secure times. The robbers took USD $9 million from the bank after taking bank employees as hostages in 2009. The robbers were given the name as “The Seven Mobsters” by the natives.

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