Top 10 Countries with Highest Rate of Robberies in 2012

Countries with Highest Rate of Robberies ! The most recent downfall in economic conditions worldwide has rapidly increased robbery cases across the globe. People, who are already living in miserable conditions in many countries of the world, are trying anything they are able to live their lives. Governments are busy in taking necessary steps to improve poor economy conditions in their lands but still they need to do a lot more to improve living standards of their people. Even some peaceful countries are getting higher in the list of countries with maximum robbery rate. Below list contains top 10 countries with highest rate of robberies in 2012.



Chile, normally is considered a peaceful country in South America, is on top in our list according to the latest stats and figures. It borders with Peru on northern side and Bolivia in northeastern side. General opinion about Chile is being a fruitful country of this continent because it has most progressive and stable economy in the region. However, the worldwide economy crisis have disturbed this country as well and their residents were found involved in around 1,275 robberies in 2012 so far. The authorities registered around 5,930 car theft cases as well.



Argentina is the second largest country that you can see on the map of South America as largest in the list is Brazil. There are 23 provinces in this South American country where majority speaks Spanish language. Though this South American country enjoys the third most booming and stable economy in the region but it is second top country in the world with highest rate of robberies. Argentina has 905.30 robberies rate in 2012 so far.


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, located in La Hispaniola, is a beautiful country with full of natural beauty. This is among most visited destinations in the Caribbean region. Major source of country’s economy is described as tourism, but current poor economy conditions have brought this country in the list of top 10 countries with highest rate of robberies on third position. The stats show 556.40 robberies rate in Dominican Republic.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the fourth country in the list where robbery rate is higher than other countries in the world. So far the list contains countries from American region. This is really a shocking fact because this region is most developed region on the world map with relatively stable economies. This Central American country is recognized as multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual country. It has 527.30 robberies rate which is truly high for a country like Costa Rica.



Mexico, another northern American country manages to get its position in this list in top 5. People in Mexico mainly speak Spanish and avoid speaking English. Mexico is recognized as 11th most populous or crowded land holder on the world map and 5th for its total area. This most crowded country of the northern America has 504.70 robberies rate in 2012. [smartads]


South Africa

South Africa is the first non-American country in our list of top 10 countries with highest rate of robberies in 2012. With nine provinces and growing economy, this African country is the home to multiple cultures and languages. There are around 11 languages that are spoken in South Africa. The country is worldwide renowned for its Diamond reserves that are major factor of its annual income. South Africa has 490.50 robberies rate in 2012 and got 6th position.



Nicaragua is another country which is the part of American continents. This Central American country is located just around the Northern Hemisphere and it borders with Honduras from north and Costa Rica from south. The stats show that the recorded robbery rate in Nicaragua in 2012 is 440.70, while the corruption rate is also too high.



Ecuador is on 8th position in top 10 countries with highest rate of robberies’ list. This South American country on the world map is the neighboring country to Columbia. The stats and figures about Ecuador claims that the country has 398.80 robberies rate in 2012 which should be tackled with good policies by the government.



Swaziland is the second African country in this list which is located in Southern Africa. The other two common names of Swaziland are described as “Ngwane” and “Swatini”. This Southern African country is known as the country where robberies are considerably higher than other neighboring countries as it has 304.20 robberies rate so far in 2012.


Uruguay ! Highest Rate of Robberies

Uruguay is another country from southern part of America which is listed in top 10 countries with highest rate of robberies. The recent records and stats about Uruguay show that the country holds 277.5 robberies rate in the running year. Car theft and fraud cases are also considerably higher.

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