Top 10 Dinosaurs That Were Wrongly Assumed in the Past

Science brings us many new things and creatures time by time and sometime it improves its previous findings with any latest research, theory or study. This is the case which is generally seen in many cases of dinosaurs. Yes, these very huge animals ever existed on our planet have many wrong perceptions in the old paleontological discoveries, but new discoveries have totally changed their images. Read below top 10 dinosaurs that were wrongly assumed in the past.


Though there are many prehistoric animals that have been discovered so far by paleontologists but Stegosaurus is definitely on top of them all. They were thought to be small-headed, heavy dinosaur, but recent studies proved many things wrong from the older studies. The recent fossil footprints as well as new discoveries proved that Stegosaurus never dragged their tail but always preferred walking like we see elephant today.


It was previously believed about Parasaurolophus that this dinosaur is probably a kind of animal that prefer living underwater. Therefore it was named as a semi-aquatic creature by many in the past. It was also named as duck-billed dinosaurs. However, all these discoveries about Parasaurolophus proved wrong by the later discoveries. The recent discoveries claimed that Parasaurolophus didn’t have any opening on the end of its crest.


Jurassic Park III was the movie which actually became the reason of bringing fame to Spinosaurus for the worldwide audience of this movie. The film portrayed that Tyrannosaurus Rex got killed by Spinosaurus in a fatal fight. Recent studies made paleontologists announced that they couldn’t find any dinosaur larger than Spinosaurus so far, as its length can reach to maximum of 18 meter length.


Triceratops is widely known as among largest members of Ceratopsidae family on Earth at their time and are also named as horned dinosaur family. Triceratops was really very hard for any other animal at that time to fight with or to defeat. But finally the latest studies proved about Triceratops that this animal may have been probably scavenging or even scaring smaller predators then it was thought. It’s at No. 7 in our top 10 dinosaurs that were wrongly assumed in the past list.


Archaeopteryx are also recognized with the term “first bird” ever existed on this planet and this bird is widely penned by most of the writers wrote about dinosaurs. Scientists tried their best to prove it more than a bird while creationists never portrayed it anything more than a bird. But recent discoveries proved wrong both creationists and the scientists. So it’s proved now that Archaeopteryx wasn’t a bird but a dinosaur 100 percent.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is among very famous dinosaurs that have found so far to the modern world. They were described as animal with maximum 13 meters length and weight around 7 tons. It was named initially as a bone-crushing predator on Earth which has been widely portrayed in numerous movies so far. New Chinese discoveries proved that earliest relatives of this dinosaur family had feathers. The study also proved maximum age of 30 years for this animal.


Most of the so far written books about dinosaurs claimed about Compsognathus that this animal was among smallest dinosaurs of that time. Generally its size was assumed as equal to chicken we have today. But recent discovery proved that Compsognathus could grow well before than a chicken size. Previous studies told two fingers on each hand but recent study proved three on each hand. This is No. 4 in our top 10 dinosaurs that were wrongly assumed in the past list.


Diplodocus, former known as Brontosaurus, is widely known as the best example in the Sauropods family of dinosaurs. It is a general perception about this dinosaur that it was giant long-necked dinosaur, but the recent paleontological discovery portrayed a totally different picture of Diplodocus. Previously they were known as dinosaurs that love spending much of their time underwater. Recent theory proved that they didn’t live in swamps, but always preferred dry land environments.


Psittacosaurus was never among those dinosaurs that were very famous among people and experts, but the classic examples or stories of this dinosaur family can be read in almost all popular books ever written on the same subject. Previously this dinosaur was presented as an animal with curved beak (same like we see in Parrots), but in fact it was plain-looking animal.  


jurassic Park was the movie which practically brought us some details about Velociraptor. Therefore, this family of the dinosaurs was still behind several confusions. Generally, people have a concept about this dinosaur family that they were lizard-like, large in size and a kind of villain animal. This is only because it was presented so in the above-mentioned blockbuster movie. But in fact, the image of Velociraptor was an inspiration of another relative of this animal i.e. Deinonychus, and originally Velociraptor was of a large dog-size small animal.  

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