Top 10 Disgusting Foods

Yes, you read it true. There are number of foods that are categorized as most disgusting foods in the world. This kind of food menus are seen in almost every country on the planet. Though the world is full of delicious food menus which is loved by almost every one, but there are many people who love disgusting food menus as their No. 1 choice in the parties in many countries. Below list contains info about top 10 disgusting foods on this planet.

Salmon Fish

The dishes related to Salmon fish are very common and famous in native Alaskan diet as people love eating almost everything of this fish as one of their most famous traditional food items. The fermented salmon heads are among one of the traditional delicacies in native Alaskan communities. That’s why the fish gradually has earned the fame and name of “stink heads”. They intentionally buried the heads of salmon fish using fermentation pits into the ground after putting them into a specifically designed wooden or plastic barrel. This is at 10th in our top 10 disgusting foods.

Monkey Brains

Monkey brains dish is also another very famous but yet among very disgusting foods in China. People love eating this high risk food item even after knowing the fact that they can have Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease eating a monkey brain. They even eat such brains in raw format. But some local stories tell us that the people in the past were even used to eat monkey’s brains while they are still alive.

Octopus – Straight Up

Octopus is a kind of food that is eaten while the menu item is still alive as well as squirming. Isn’t it really disgusting? Most of the Asian cuisines considered raw seafood as legendary item, especially in Korean kimchi and Japanese sushi area, as both are worldwide notorious for their raw realms. Raw octopus is really a common dish in Japan and Korea which is eaten while still alive and served in a bowl or a plate.


Spiders as a dish?, oh my God. This is another famous Asian dish which is widely eaten and loved in Cambodia. People in Cambodia specifically bread these spiders in specially designed ground holes just to use them later on for their eating purpose. They eat them after deep frying. People describe the texture of this yet very disgusting food as crispy and chewy, while many claim its taste as similar as you can feel eating crab.

Whole Sheep’s Head

Probably some of you would be among eaters of this yet very disgusting food in the world, but this is at No. 6 in our top 10 disgusting foods on Earth. This whole sheep’s head is traditionally served in many parts of the Northern Europe and Mediterranean. It can be found in sheep’s head soup as well as in smoked version, both are very famous. Usually this dish is served as a whole, including brain, tongue and even with eyeballs.

Bee Larvae

Bee Larvae is yet another very disgusting food menu famous across the Japan and China which is widely eaten in parties. This disgusting food menu actually got popularity years ago when meats and fish started depressing local people in search protein. They use a typical soy sauce to cook bee larvae and put some sugar to make it even tastier. It has become a nostalgia item and is seen in majority of local parties.

Mongolian Boodog

There are many stainless steel gourmet kitchens in Mongolia that are famous for cooking whole goat using ingenious ways. They hang it upside down to get fried on fire, bled it and then sharply break the legs of this goat. The every cavity imaginable of this goat is seen having crammed smooth hot stones for the stuffing purposes. This barbecued meat is generally named as “Mongolian Boodog”, really disgusting food to eat.

Balut – Duck Fetus

The third top-rated disgusting food name is Balut which is made of fertilized duck egg. There is nearly-developed embryo of duck clearly seen inside this cooked dish. People love eating this disgusting dish which is made by boiling this egg. The nearly-developed embryo is eaten even in the shell. This dish is among very famous dishes in Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam. Beer is often served with this dish.

Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu, probably among very famous Chinese dishes in this Asian country, is at No. 2 in our list. It is known as a Sardinian specialty which actually is made of pecorino cheese. This could be named as most disgusting cheese menu in the world. The direct translation of the dish “Casu Marzu” is described as “rotten cheese”. This dish links its root back to the familial history.

Snake Blood and Bile

Snake blood and bile is at No. 1 in this list which is for sure would be even a disgusting thought for many readers. A man, who is the resident of Jakarta, Indonesia, calls himself Cobra man, is worldwide famous for preparing snake blood and bile. This man uses these items only for the medical purposes but yet is known as the most disgusting food item on this Earth. Typically the head of the snake is cut off to drain his all blood into a pot (mainly in a glass). This blood is served then being an outstanding treatment for respiratory ailments, after adding the bile.

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  1. I think I’m game on most of the foods featured above except for the Chinese ones. I’m not starting a flame and it’s not being racist but there is just something with their fascination with disgusting foods that makes me cringe and ask like “what are they thinking?”. That’s just me though and I don’t like the looks of that balut thingy too.

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