Top 10 Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities Falling Down

We sometimes have embarrassing moments and actually our lives are imperfect without such moments in our lives. Same is the case with celebrities and the list of embarrassing moments of different celebrities falling down is actually very long. Many notable celebrities have fallen down on many occasions and mainly celebrities from music industry are the part of this list. I suggest you should not take this post as a funny article instead it should be treated as an article to know facts because stars are humans too.

Brad Paisley

Generally you see falling down incidents happened with female artists, sometimes for being extra ordinary in their performances and sometimes for wardrobe complications. But you can have several such embarrassing moments in the lives of men artists and the incident happened to Brad Paisley is on top in this list. It could be the hardest stage fall of any male singer you ever watched. It really hit hard and took a couple of minutes to get back up. Skip first 2:52 minutes of this video and watch this incident for yourself.

Darren Kriss

If you fell for giving beyond expectation performance then it is not very embarrassing as you fell for giving something extra but if you fell on stage for wardrobe malfunctioning, it really become embarrassing. The same incident happened with Darren Kriss in 2011 when he intended to attract more appreciation from his fans and a fan pulled him off the stage. He won’t hit the ground but did it only because of complicated wardrobe.

Carmen Electra

The name of Carmen Electra would definitely be known to almost every reader we receive from any corner of the world. She is a stunning, handsome, beautiful, gorgeous, blond, and mind blowing model, host and actress of Hollywood industry. Anyways, I leave praising her any more and just let you have a look at the attached video and you will be amazed how hard she hit the ground.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has also faced such an embarrassing moment in her life for different occasion but the video attached here is about the incident that actually happened in 2011 while she was performing in Houston, Texas. She fell off her piano when she was giving a sizzling performance on “You and I”, a very famous song she picked from “Born This Way” album. But full marks should be given to this beautiful, blond artist who amazing handled it well.


Beyonce, who is famous worldwide for couple of good reasons (first is: 3rd sexiest female singer in the world and the second is: beautiful young voice of the century), but there is another reason of her fame. Beyonce is among those few female singers from United States that have fallen down during their performances so many times. One can say that Beyonce is expert in falling down and starting right after picking herself up from where she had discontinued before falling, and pretend just like nothing happened. [smartads]

Bono from U2

Bono from U2 is widely recognized as a rock star (quintessential rather) with a beautiful heart. Though his band is commonly known as a legendary band in the country but he is also recognized as a big supporter of discussing several global issues on different forums. There is another side of this notable celebrity that is a giant ego. This video will tell you the detail how hard this super star fell from stage because he can be seen rattling while coming back to his original place on stage.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is among those few celebrities who have fallen during their stage performances for many times. I don’t know why but Lopez somehow though that she is perfect enough to perform on escalators (flat escalators rather) that we see normally working in the grocery stores as well as in airports. But actually she forgot thinking about the fact that this could be dangerous and it eventually became a dangerous idea for Lopez later on as she fell down drastically during her performance. It happened in 2010 in Ontario, Canada.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is also among those few unlucky celebrities who fell down while giving his best performance on the stage. It actually happened to Steven when a little playful shoving goes wrong among the members of his musical band. Steven actually tumbled off the stage when a little playful shove was responded by Joe after receiving it initially from the Steven. This incident actually involved injuring some people from the audiences as well.

Justin Timberlake

The saddest incident of falling down on the stage with Justin Timberlake is at No. 2 in this list. There would be many among our readers who probably will be jealous from this rapidly emerging man of Hollywood film industry, and they would definitely love watching this video again and again. Though it was an accidental twist for Timberlake but it became really dreamy for many girls as he landed safely among them after falling down from the stage.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is on top in this list. This saddest incident of celebrity falling down actually happened around three years ago in 2009. It earned the first position only because it could be described as the most awesome fall of any celebrity of the world ever captured by camera on video. She actually fell down in a single performance, not once or twice but for four times in a row on her guitarist. It was truly hilarious because she laughed every time it happened with her on stage during her performance in the MTV Music Awards. Also Watch the following clips of some unforgettable movements of fall down and see how they managed to recover.

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