Top 10 Evil Human Experiments

Human experiments should always be discouraged especially if they are done below the standard humanity levels of this so called modern world. But the history of modern world is full of several evil human experiments that have been evolved over time. Mostly the slaves, prisoners or even the families of these prisoners or slaves have been the subjects of such inhuman experiments. Below list describes top 10 evil human experiments so far carried in different countries of the world.
Atomic Bomb Power Testing
Atomic bomb power testing is the 10th at our top 10 evil human experiments and it was carried out by U.S. scientists. They secretly tested the power and effects of the atomic bomb on humans. Around 18 non-consenting, unsuspecting patients were given plutonium injection for this test during the Manhattan Atomic Bomb Project. Three of these patients were injected at a local Chicago hospital and some subject soldiers were injected at Project Oak Ridge with micrograms of plutonium.
North Korean Experimentation
North Korean experimentation is also another inhuman act of the modern world. There’re several reports that claim that North Korean government was involved in the same kind of human rights abuses project that were carried out in the past by Japanese and Nazi authorities in World War II. But North Korean always denied of carrying any such project which is categorized as inhuman experiment and they claim that they treat all their prisoners humanely in their prisons. One report claimed about poisoned cabbage leaves to 50 women. All women died within 20 minutes of anal bleeding and blood vomiting.
STDs Tests over Guatemalans
  Penicillin became worldwide famous remedy for the syphilis cure during 1940s. At the same time, the U.S. authorities selected Guatemala as their subject place to check the effectiveness of this remedy and poor, unknown citizens of Guatemala got affected. They used infected prostitutes and made them available to soldiers, insane asylum patients and prison inmates without bringing it into their notice.
Soviet Poison Laboratories
The Soviet secret services successfully managed and run some notoriously known laboratories which were named as The Poison Laboratories, but the original names of these laboratories were Laboratory 1 to 12. It was a vast poison research and development program of the Soviet government which was actually run by the secret police agencies of the country. A number of deadly or dangerous poisons were tested in these laboratories over prisoners of enemy armies. Digitoxin, ricin and mustard gas were among those deadly poisons in the list. This inhuman act is at No. 7 in our top 10 evil human experiments of all time.
Deadly Chemical Spray
  United States has a renowned history of testing worse-case scenarios on the human beings and most of such tests are actually the matter of past as were tested during the mid-20 th century. It was the time when a series of warfare simulations was conducted with the joint efforts of the U.S. government, CIA and the Army upon American cities. They wanted to check how people react or what will happen actually when a chemical attack is made over U.S. cities. This experiment series took 12 precious lives. [smartads]
Tuskegee Syphilis Study
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study is yet another top-rated evil human experiment of the history which was conducted on the Negro Males. It was a kind of clinical study that was carried out for decades in Tuskegee, Alabama between 1932 and 1972. The study was conducted on around 399 Negro Males (poor people mostly as majority of the subjects were illiterate). All these Negro Males were African American sharecroppers. The cause of notoriety of this study was that the subjects were unaware of the fact that they were being studied. They were told that they had bad blood in their bodies which needs treatment.
Mustard Gas Test
Mustard Gas Test is yet another most inhuman experiment of the U.S. authorities which was tested on prisoner soldiers through involuntary gas chambers in the 1940s. It was the time when bio-weapon research was on its peak. Even U.S. authorities involved their own soldiers in this experiment without bringing anything in their notice. They sprayed mustard gas along with many other lung-ruining and skin- burning chemicals including Lewisite on the subject soldiers. They even locked soldiers in involuntary gas chambers just to test the effectiveness of gas masks without their consent.
Unit 731
  The Imperial Japanese Army had also a historically inhuman experience which is at No. 3 in our top 10 evil human experiments list. It was a kind of development and warfare research project which involved chemical and biological warfare to be experimented on the subjects. Japanese Imperial Army run this project during Second Sino-Japanese War (that run from 1937 to 1945). Unit 731 project was a mixture of some notorious war crimes on the war inmates.
Project MKULTRA (CIA Project)
  This is probably the worst ever project run by American CIA and the name of this project was Project MKULTRA which is generally recognized as a nightmare kind of project. Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron was paid American CIA to carry this project of mind-altering substances. The basic aim of Project MKULTRA was to control and influence the human mind as well as finding the way to extract information from human minds. Dr. conducted this experiment in Montreal in his Allen Memorial Institute and selected his own clinic’s patients for this purpose.
Nazi Experiments
  The German Nazi regime had conducted a medical experimentation (later on named as Nazi human experimentation) and included large numbers of people in this experimentation, which was actually conducted in the concentration camps of the Nazi forces during World War II. Selected inmates of the Auschwitz concentration camp were subjected to various experiences under the direction of Dr. Eduard Wirths. The aim of this experimentation was to help German military personnel to deal with the injury situations of their military fellows in combats. They tried to manipulate human body unnaturally in this experimentation and selected around 1,500 inmates for this purpose.

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