Top 10 Excellent Ideas to Start a Small Business

Many currently renowned giant in different business sectors around the world were once a small business or micro-entrepreneurship. So never underestimate the growth or future of a small business and just start it with faith, efforts and hope in mind. Sometimes these small business ideas lead to become a bigger as well as better business opportunities and it had happened in the past many times. Read below some outstanding ideas to kick off your small business in this year.

Making Money and Business Online

Though this small business idea is at No. 10 but still it has potential to reach to No. 1 position in this list all in a sudden. You will find dozens of proved online marketing business ideas on the Web on different notable portals like You just need a small amount to kick off this kind of small but online business. There is a wide variety of goods and services online to select one according to your knowledge or interest and obviously according to your budget.

Makeup Artists

You know the world has crossed the population barrier of 7 billions. So one can say that cocktail parties, proms, balls, weddings and several other social events will never reach to an end until the life completely disappear from Earth. Therefore, becoming a makeup artist does make sense. The market is full of demand and you just need in-depth knowledge as well as perfection to become popular or to come on top in this industry relatively quickly.

Business Continuity Services

Any company can get affected the entire business seriously because of several types of natural disasters all in a sudden. Both private as well as publicly owned businesses can be the victim in this case. The entire business movements of a company can seriously get damaged immediately because of some inevitable disasters like typhoon, floods, tsunamis, landslides etc. Therefore, companies are always in search of solutions to keep their business continuing in any scenario. That’s why this small business has great potential.

Home Gardening Kits

This is another excellent yet cost saving small business idea which really has potential to kick off immediately. You will find many home owners who have at least a single available plot for gardening. You just need to find such people and offer them some common tools they need to convert their vacant plot into a beautiful garden. But don’t forget getting in-depth knowledge of this business before getting involved into it.

Green and Sustainable Business

Green business ideas are currently among most demanded small business ideas at the moment as numerous companies have shifted to this sustainable business market, only because the world is getting greener with the time. Actually this is an idea that provides green energy to the companies and homes. Just get perfection in installation process and you will be on your way to a brand new small business right away. It really saves extra power supply and thus is an emerging industry. [smartads]

Home Baking

Home baking small business idea is directly associated to the skills and love with the work. You just need passion to start this business as it really has potential to give you handsome earning and a bright future if you become a taste in the market. There are several ingredients (like vanilla, eggs, butter, sugar, flour etc.) to make numerous food items with nominal costs but the profit is relatively higher.

Business Technology Intermediaries

Well I believe you will agree with me that business technology intermediaries are currently among top-in-demand small business ideas in the world. There are a lot of companies in the world at the moment; that are struggling with their traditional system only because of the growing popularity of the technological enhancement around the globe. We can expect more business opportunities in this field with the time as far as more companies start engaging in this service.

Clothing Alterations

The current economy conditions across the globe have made job opportunities lesser and people are struggling to find a suitable job to earn living at the moment. I feel clothing alterations could be a great startup for anyone who has less investment to start a business. You may focus different sectors in this industry like women, men or children clothing but focusing children clothing in the start would be a great idea to me.


The second small business idea is also related to the Internet world i.e. copywriting. We see thousands of websites start their existence online on daily basis and they need copywriting content to make their websites visible for search engine to get unique organic traffic. Copywriting is an important part of Search Engine Optimization process and the demand of copywriter can never be less in any time period (I believe).

Social Media Consultancy

I put this business idea on top only because the current time is of Internet and we should find any business with the market demand. As you have heard “Go with the wind”, so starting a social media consultancy would definitely work for many. Today millions of people use Facebook, Twitter and other social media services on daily basis. If you focus only on Facebook which covers around 800 million users from all over the world, just imagine the scope of marketed items on this forum.

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