Top 10 Exciting Facts about Barack Obama

Barack Obama is 44th president of United States of America and won the seat of Presidency for consecutively two times. He is famous in all nations of United States as he is first President of America who is afro-American as his father was from Kenya and his mother was American. He is also related to two most important religions of world that are Christianity and Islam. Obama was born in year 1961, in Honolulu. In 1967 Obama relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia with his mother and stepfather Lolo Soetro. Marriage of Obama with Michelle took place in 1992. Barack Obama leads motivating and inspiring life and some interesting facts from his personal and professional life include:

Obama love Basketball

Barack Obama is extremely fond of games. He preferred to watch sport channel during his campaign rather than watching campaign updates on CNN. He was an active player in his high school in team of basketball and was also called “O’Bomber” for his expertise in game. He also possesses red color boxing gloved with autograph of Muhammad Ali the great boxing player. He also enjoys playing games like poker and scrabble.

Obama Smokes

According to a statement by Barak Obama he had also experienced drugs like cocaine and marijuana in young age. However, he never appreciated his act and remembers it as blunders of young blood. However, he still smokes and wanted to get rid of this habit but still there are no compulsion for presidents of United States to quit smoking in White house.

Obama Favorite Food

Obama also likes to eat different foods however his favorite food is shrimp linguini prepared by his wife Michelle. Protein bars of chocolate peanut are one of preferred snacks of Obama. He had also tasted different type of meat like snake meat, grasshoppers and dog meat during his stay in Indonesia with his mother. For drinking purpose he always appreciates drinking iced tea of black forest berry. He does not like to drink coffee and use alcohol randomly. Chili is favorite food of Obama for cooking purpose.

Obama Favorite Movies

Obama also enjoys his collection of comics such as Conan the Barbarian and Spider man. He also read Harry Potter books to his daughters every night. He also likes to watch movies and his most favorite movies include “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” and “Casablanca”. “Do the Right Thing” was first movie he watched with Michelle on their first date. “The Wire” and “Mash” are his favorite television programs. In music he loves to hear Bob Dylan, The Fugees, Bach and Miles Davis.

Obama dislike Ice Cream

When he was teenager, Obama worked at ice-cream shop of Baskin n Robbins. This is why he does not like ice cream at all. [smartads]

Obama Left-Handed Person and Dressing

Barak Obama is actually a left-handed person. He is sixth left-handed president of United States after war. He is also fluent in other languages like Spanish. Moreover Obama dressing is appreciated nationwide. He likes to wear suit by Hart Schaffner Marx that cost about $1,500 and he got his hair cut weekly from barber of Chicago name Zariff that cost only $21

Obama Favorite Pet

When Barak Obama lived in Indonesia he had a chimpanzee as a pet. Nowadays, he owns a Portuguese water dog named “Bo”. Bo is also known as “first dog” by members of White House.

Obama Favorite Exercises

Obama is also health conscious person and capable of bench press with extraordinary weight of 200lbs. During his education in university he was also called as Barry however, he never likes this nickname and emphasized his friends to address with his proper name.

Obama Favorite Books

He is also very much interested in literature and Moby-Dick is one of his all time favorite books written by Herman Melville. Obama also wrote book about himself name “Dream From My Father” and received Grammy Award for its audio version in 2006. From his book he was able to make $4.2 million along with his wife. He was able to repay his loan for education when he signed for the deal of this book. He also loves art and Pablo Picasso is his favorite artist.

Obama Favorite Laptop

Obama enjoys using his Mac Laptop by Apple however, according to him he continuously checks his Blackberry that has become a habit for him.

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