Top 10 Famous African Female Singers of All Time

Below list is about ten best and very popular African female singers and majority of the list members is the winner of several Top 100 songs’ list. Some of them also have won dozens of Grammy Awards. You will also see some African female singers in the list below that have been included in the Hall of Fame or have been declared as “Global Ambassadors”. In short, you may claim these women an all-time-great African talent in the music industry.



[caption id="attachment_2618" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Zamajobe List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Zamajobe is South African singer in this list. She was born in Frankfort but raised in Vosloorus. She started professional singing from the age of nine in the local choir. Zamajobe was initially recognized as an outstanding gospel artist but later on earned popularity as a soulful jazzy singer in the country. Her single “Magic” was an international hit solo performance which was from her debut album.



[caption id="attachment_2619" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Lira List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Lira is another South African female singer who grabbed her position in this top 10 list. This South African voice has had an awesome 2009 because of her winning multiple music awards. She achieved four music awards in the “South African Music Awards”. Her magical voice also earned her bunch of nominations for the Channel O awards. She earned international fame for “Feel Good”, her best-selling song in Africa.



[caption id="attachment_2620" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Ary List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Whenever we talk about Angolan music industry, it couldn’t get completed without the name of Aryovalda Eulalia Gabriel. She is famous for “Ary”, her stage name. This Angolan magical voice was born in Huila province and became prominent to international music industry. She was inspired from Lauryn Hill who became the reason of kicking of her music career. Aryovalda started singing when she was 14 only.



[caption id="attachment_2624" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Becca List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Becca is the No. 1 female singer Ghana at the moment and is the only singer from this African country in this list. Her magical voice literally blows your mind and you start thinking that it is the voice you want to hear again and again. She initially showed her talent in a singing competition, just like many popular singers of the world, but became a worldwide famous African female singer shortly after she released “U Lied to me”. She is on top in R&B category in Ghana.


Suzanna Lubrano

[caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Suzanna Lubrano List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Suzanna Lubrano is the only female African singer who belongs to Cape Verde. She earned fame as the top-rated Zouk singer in Rotterdam. She was born on November 19, 1973. Her magical voice has won her “Best Female Artist of Africa” award in 2003 in the “Kora All African Music Award” ceremony. She is among most famous R&B singers of this continental region who is really fantastic in her profession. Her debut album was “Saida” which was widely acclaimed by her fans. [smartads]



[caption id="attachment_2637" align="aligncenter" width="432"] Asa List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Asa is a 30-year-old Nigerian French singer who is at No. 5 in this list. She is an outstanding African recording artist and singer-songwriter in the continental Africa. She performs with her stage name “Asa” while her original name is “Asha”. She is a favorite singer for millions of African people across the globe only because of her magical voice that directly touches hearts. She is able of producing sad poetry into a joyful manner which is her uniqueness.



[caption id="attachment_2627" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Siphokazi List of African Female Singers[/caption]

South Africa has produced number of magical female voices over the time and Siphokazi could be listed on top in this list. But she earned 4th place in our ranking of overall ten famous African female singers. She emerged as an outstanding musician (music composer) in the country shortly after entering into the music industry as a teenager vocalist and composer. She spent much time in acquiring other qualifications (related to her career) and then entered into singing world.



[caption id="attachment_2628" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Wahu List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Wahu is another top-rated African singer who is from Kenya. Wahu possesses a magical voice that is the proud of Africa. This 32-year-old Kenyan singer was born as Wahu Kagwi but performs as “Wahu”. She is among best singers from Kenya. Her musical journey is full of struggle that eventually resulted in bringing her international success and now she has become an iconic personality in Africa in singing industry.


Amani African Female Singers

[caption id="attachment_2643" align="aligncenter" width="380"] Amani List of African Female Singers[/caption]

The second most famous African female singer in our list is Amani who belongs to Kenya. She was born in Thika in 1980 as Cecilia Wairimu but she earned popularity in African continent with her stage name “Amani”. She is a marvelous pop musician in Africa who is the winner of several local and international awards throughout her career. The most notable award of Amani’s career is “MTV Africa Music Awards” which she won in the “Best Female Singer” category in 2009.


Juliana kanyomozi

[caption id="attachment_2641" align="aligncenter" width="399"] Juliana Kanvomozi List of African Female Singers[/caption]

Juliana Kanvomozi should be on top in this list for many reasons. Some of you would be thinking that she should be on second position and the first position should be given to Asa, a most popular Nigerian singer of all time. Juliana is regarded as the Whitney Houston of Africa, mainly for her popularity across the continent. This magical voice was born in Uganda which is regarded as best singer of Africa today.

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  1. Aaron

    This info is 100 percent real. Juliana can make you marvel wen she sings. the passion and emotion she puts in her singing makes her stand out of the crowd.

  2. kyamugaso bashir

    Am from Uganda bt i had no idea that Juliana could b Africa’s No.1. But also a young talented female MIC diva ‘KEKO’ is on the way to blow up the continent.
    Thx for that, shez like a queen at home

  3. ben

    Racism even the bacca from Ghana is far better than those once you put on first ,seconds and other.. and not to talk of asa.. if u don’t like Nigeria say it

  4. Albashir Nigeria

    hummm the arraingment was fantastic i love it and i will love to feature them one afther the others in my magazind calld ALL AFRICAN FASHION MAGAZINE +234 (0) 8027734333

  5. Fauzia Mulimira

    Juliana kanyomozi has got an amazing Golden voice of all time, When you listen to her singing, trust me you will crave for more:-)

  6. Mshila

    if this is of all time it is waaayyy off where is Mama africam Miriam Makeba? Mbilia Bel?? they have to be on this list Angelique Kidjo. say of the 2000s not all time not even close…. disrespectfully far from it

  7. Juliana is the reason Ugandan RnB doesnot suck!She’s got that magic in her voice that no one seems to bring out!She still has a long way to come but as for now She is Africa’s best undoubtedly!

  8. Shifah banks

    Juliana is de best however doesn’t know that doesn’t knw wat quality music is,hw special it’s to posses her vocals and nobility

  9. pastor moses

    i love to listen to their top magical voices
    and it makes me re-examine myself from the past life present and future
    too every day when i heard them singing they bless me with their lovely voices
    Moses in vanuatu

  10. irene

    This info is 100 percent real. Juliana can make you marvel wen she sings. the passion and emotion she puts in her singing makes her stand out of the crowd

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