Top 10 Famous Amazing and Shocking Pictures of All Time

There are many photographers who have earned big names in the world for capturing some really outstanding or you may say shocking moments of human history in their cameras. Some of these pictures are really heart-touching and very difficult to view repeatedly, but these are necessary dose of reality. We have to face these realities we just want to ignore. We generally don’t want to know the fact that some of our brothers and sisters had truly horrible lives. Well, looking at these pictures will tell you some bitter realities of the human history.

Starving Child and Vulture (1994)

This is among those few pictures that everyone won’t like to watch or face because of a bitter reality behind. You can see a vulture watching a starving child (a little girl) who was struggling to reach the food in Southern Sudan. Kevin Carter was the photographer who took this picture. This 33-year-old photographer committed suicide after winning the Pulitzer Prize. He admitted in his suicide note that he didn’t do anything to save the life of this little girl and this guilt has become unbearable for him.

World Trade Center Tragedy (2001)

The American people also have become the victims of the most terrifying terrorist attack of the human history (though it later on attracted a lot of controversies and has become questionable terrorist attack). But this picture demonstrates the attacks of airplanes over World Trade Center that is really an unforeseen image that was widely published by almost every newspaper of the world. Steve Ludlum was the photographer behind this astounding picture.

Falling From Window (1975)

This picture was the effort of Stanley Forman who earned a lot of criticism from the modern world for capturing such a tragic moment. This picture shows a woman falling from the window along with her child from their burning apartment. Both were waiting to be rescued by a firefighter who was climbing on a ladder to catch them but unfortunately the fire escape collapsed. The woman lost her life but fortunately the kid survived in this tragic incident.

Tsunami Tragedy

This picture that actually shows a dead body of a woman that is mourning on the dead body of one of her family members after the notorious tsunami incident of the 21st century that killed thousands of people in a matter of hours only. Arko Datta, the notable photographer of Reuters actually took this picture to portray the aftermath of Indian Ocean tsunami. It has won 2004’s World Press Photo competition.

Napalm Accident Tragedy (1972)

Napalm accident is another worst incident of the modern history that actually happened in 1972. Once again the victim of this saddest human disaster was the South Vietnamese. The picture demonstrates some kids that were trying to evacuate the affected area but got captured in an historical picture that have won many awards. Originally, napalm was accidentally dropped by the South Vietnamese planes on civilians and their own soldiers in 1972. [smartads]

Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1984)

Bhopal Gas Tragedy is another shocking, really terrifying incident of the modern world that took more than 15,000 lives within no time. It was the worst industrial tragedy in the history of Indian that injured more than 558,000 people. This was the result of human ignorance regarding safety maintenance and standards procedures at UCIL (Union Carbide India Limited). This negligence resulted in a massive human and environmental disaster in 1984. See one of the dead victims (a little kid) of this incident in this picture.

Buddhist Monk Protesting

This saddest incident of Buddhist monk protest happened in 1963 that eventually took his life. This picture was published by the Associated Press and was taken by Malcolm W. Browne. The name of this monk is described as Thich Quang Duc who lit himself only to protest against Buddhists persecution that was done by the government in South Vietnam. The most significant part of this terrifying protest was the monk didn’t make any movement or sound throughout the process he lost his life.

Operation Lion Heart

Operation Lion Heart has been the most terrifying, notorious operation carried out by American CIA so far in the modern history. This picture demonstrates just a single result of this operation. It has own Pulitzer Prize in 2005 which was captured by Deanne Fitzmaurice. This 9-year-old boy actually became the victim of an explosion during the Iraq war and got severely injured (as you can see in this picture). American Army brought this little boy in Oakland for further treatment.

Iraqi War Prisoner

You can see an Iraqi war prisoner in this picture who is holding his 4-year-old son into his hands and trying to comfort him at the US Army’s base camp in Iraq. The little kid actually became terrified after seeing his lovely father in this condition (handcuffed and hooded by American Army). But, looking at the kid’s terrifying condition, officials freed the hands of this Iraqi war prisoner just to make his kid feel better.

Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez (1985)

Omayra Sanchez was among those thousands of people who were included in the list of a notable Colombian tragedy of mud and collapsed buildings happened in 1985. This youngster got trapped in collapsed buildings and mud that was the result of a massive mudslide due to Nevado del Ruiz volcano eruption. It killed more than 25,000 people and destroyed several towns from the Colombian map. Omayra Sanchez lost his life due to gangrene and hypothermia after getting stuck in this situation as he couldn’t be pulled out by the officials.

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