Top 10 Famous and Largest Banks in the World

Banks play much vital role in our daily lives and without them we cannot live nor can the economy survive or take step further. In short, they are considered to be the real backbone of any country’s economic condition. The top 10 list of the famous and largest banks in the world lets us know the worth of the banks. Interestingly in this list, China takes the top notch and leading positions.

The CommonWealth Bank

The Common Wealth Bank, Australia With the total market capitalization of around 82.60 billion dollars, The Common Wealth Bank of Australia offers the customers a brilliant deal of services and monetary help. Founded in 1911, the bank began working officially in 1912. In savings and general purposes it has big name.

The CitiGroup

The CitiGroup Working in more than 140 countries in the world with clients’ satisfaction, The CitiGroup of America carries more than 16,000 offices across the globe. With the capitalization of 86.67 billion dollars, the bank is called the largest in the world.

The Bank of China

The Bank of China It is the official government sector bank in China. Before the communists rule, the bank used to issue the notes. After the communists’ rule, the bank started the communist banking system in the country. The total market capitalization of the bank is 128.8 billion dollars.

The Itau UniBanco, Brazil

The Itau UniBanco, Brazil Having a Brazil’s bank on the top 10 list seems really surprising but this has happened due to bank’s great role in doing big business and playing great ti improve the county’s economy. Today the bank has total market capitalization of around 88.18 billion dollars.

The Agricultural Bank of China

agricultural-bank-china-logo-lg Started working way back in 1951, The Agricultural Bank of China is called the largest bank in China as today it is under the ownership of the state. The bank has also worth for supporting the farmers by providing them the easy borrowing and money lending. It has market capitalization of 141.72 billion dollars.

The JP Morgan Chase, America

The JP Morgan Chase, America America’s The JP Morgan Chase gets the 5th place on the famous and largest banks’ list of the world. Launched in 1799, it still carries the title of the best bank in the entire globe. The bank has played brilliantly well for the betterment of the U.S. economy.

Wells Fargo & Company, U.S.A

Wells Fargo & Company The company called Wells Fargo & Company is the well established one in America. Its bank called Wells Fargo & Co Bank is called the most reliable and stable bank in the globe. The bank has been providing better support to the economy of the U.S for years. It has market capitalization of 160.72 billion dollars.

HSBC Holdings Bank, U.K

HSBC Holdings Bank HSBC Holdings Bank is the most trusted and famous name in banking sector in the world. It is also called the strongest economical platform in England. Headquarters based in London, the bank has total market capitalization of 150.90 billion dollars.

China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank China lands on the second position of the list and it is definitely an honor for the country. China Construction Bank lands on the second place of the list as it has made it as the symbol and icon for financial matters in the country for years and years. It is owned by the state and has market capitalization of 195.85 billion dollars.

Industrial & Commercial Bank China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China gets the first position on the list of famous and largest banks in the world, as its Industrial and Commercial Bank of China grabs the top notch place on the list. China today is the world strongest and fastest economy. Started working from 1984, the bank has carved special niche in business sector with speed. The bank has total market capitalization of 240.95 billion dollars. [smartads]

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