Top 10 Famous and Safest Countries in Asia

Well, everybody wants to live in a country which is safe and where the lives are safe and sound. How you can define the safe place? The answer is simple – where the crime rate is very less, where people can raise their voices against the bad things and where the freedom of political expression exists and the things like that. In Asia, there are a number of places/countries where one can find safety to live in. This article will let you know about them. Read on.


Kazakhstan This country takes its place at the 10th place on the list of the safest Asian countries. The crime rate there is less and it is called the safest place in the Asia Pacific. This is the country that takes advantages from lower levels of emigration among intellectuals, professionals, middle class and political dissidents. Only 10.8 % say that they had any bad experience of theft.


Vietnam This is the place for the tourists who often come to the country to enjoy with the artistic beauty of the country’s locales. This is surely the country with lowest rate of assault and robberies. Only 2.2 % of people report that they experienced assault whereas around 8.3 % say that they had experienced theft.


Mongolia Mongolia is the country that is called the least densely populated country in the world. Nonetheless the country is called the safest place in Asia to live in. Assaults levels are quite lower in the country whereas 6 percent of the people report that they experience theft and robberies.

South Korea

South Korea South Korea is a world renowned country and people love visiting there and settling there. It is without any doubt is the safe country is Asia with lower crime rate. Only 2.7 percent people say that they were assaulted in last 12 months’ time. And around 13 percent of the population says that they experienced any kind of robbery.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Hong Kong is the place where the electronics industry there and tallest buildings and other attractions allure the visitors and travelers’ souls. People now tend to settle there because of the safety measures the country has.


Australia Well, Australia is the world’s real safest country to live and settle there. The country is much beautiful having attractive buildings, places, locales and friendly people out there. The country is much safe since the crime rate is quite less there.


Japan This country rules the world in terms of electronics and technological advancements. Every other electronic item is made in Japan. The country is attractive and alluring for the outsiders due to the safety and much lower crime rate and development.


Taiwan The country is located near Japan and China and the people out there are through Taiwanese but they are like Japanese and Chinese. Chinese is spoken there. In Taiwan, there is huge development in every field. Crime is much less and safety is huge.

New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand is the country where we hardly hear any criminal activities or any terrorists’ attacks there. The country is laced with beautiful and eye candy locales, lush green grasses, wider roads and streams to enjoy with. Go and settle there in the safest country.


Singapore Life is Singapore is much safe and sound. Huge development is there. Economy rate is great. People enjoy good lifestyle there. You can enjoy life king size there. [smartads]

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