Top 10 Famous & Best Airport Lounges in the World

Mostly people travel to kill their spare times in some places where they may have fun-related experiences. Another good example of traveling in the world is to get engaged with pleasure, cuisine and culture, as well as to gain a rich experience. Therefore, a number of beautiful cities have developed, designed and maintained well-functioning, clean and amazingly beautiful airports to deal with millions of worldwide visitors every year. The lounges of these airports are simply amazing, stunning and mind blowing. Below list is for 10 best airport lounges across the globe.

Singapore Changi Airport Lounges

There is a stunning, world-class lounge at the Singapore Changi International Airport which is located at the Terminal 2 on Level 3. The name of this lounge is Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounges. First-class passengers are warmly greeted by the very attentive and attractive Passenger Relations Officers at the airport that don’t shy taking your handbags to lower your traveling stress. They also lead you to check-in lounge if you need.

Euro Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

There is a tough fight between Singapore Changi International Airport and EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport to pick the 9th position in this list. The Swiss Lounge of this airport brings it at No. 9. It is surrounded by simple materials where people may love sun-bathing under an enormous glass dome (a uniqueness you will never have on another place in this list). The lounge is like the home to plentiful greenery that gives you feeling like sitting in the park in a relaxed environment.

Sydney Airport Lounges

Sydney Airport is the busiest airport for international flights in Australian continental region where stainless steel structure, clear glass and polished surfaces give a stunning look to travelers. It is among the luxurious airports in the world at the moment. Qantas First Lounge is definitely a must-visiting place for every traveler at Sydney Airport. Have a scheduled visit to Sydney in the coming weeks or months? Must find some spare time to visit this lounge for different world-class facilities!

Doha International

Doha, Qatar has become a busier traveling destination in the world within the last couple of decades, mainly because of their well-managed fleet of airplanes and a tight schedule (almost packed) of international flights that carry passengers from almost every country of the world to every destination through Doha International Airport. The lounge at Qatar Airways Premium Terminal is at No. 7 in our list which has several bars, cafes, restaurants, sauna and Jacuzzi, spas etc.

Helsinki Airport Lounges

There are many beautiful, stunning lounges at the Helsinki Airport in Finland, but Finnair Lounge is literally on top. It managed grabbing sixth best airport lounge ever built across the globe. You are provided a mobile phone-charging system which is pure wireless. This is truly an airport lounge which is simple though but is full of world class facilities to serve its customers that make it exceptional among others. It has a world-class traditional Finnish spa at Finnair Lounge. [smartads]

Frankfurt Airport Lounges

Frankfurt Airport is among most beautiful and top-rated airports in Germany. There is a world-class passport control center and multiple security checkpoints at the First Class Terminal of Frankfurt Airport. Non-Schengen flight passengers have a facility of passing their spare time in one of the best lounges of the world which is relatively smaller though then other lounges included in this list. It has been designed using black glass wall that is stunning.

Hong Kong International

Hong Kong is commonly known as the trading hub in Asia which has emerged being a top-rated marketing, trading destination in the world under British rule. Hong Kong has been transferred back to China in 2009. Hong Kong International Airport serves millions of worldwide customers, visitors through the year and has one of the best airport lounges across the globe where top-rated business-class and first class break areas serve thousands of customers on daily basis. This is equipped with Wi-Fi as well.

Heathrow Airport Lounges

Heathrow Airport, located in London, United Kingdom is the busiest airport in the world which processes tens of millions of flights every year. This large visitor-base definitely requires some outstanding facilities at the airport lounges. The one at Terminal 5 is really marvelous where every loves to spend maximum possible time during his/her stay at Heathrow Airport. Well-dressed fully trained waiter service, hotel-style private cabanas, and Champagne and wines are its uniqueness.

Abu Dhabi International

U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) is the region that has emerged as one of the top traveling destinations in the world in a very limited time period. This country of seven-state is governed from Abu Dhabi (the capital state). Abu Dhabi is famous across the globe for its marvelously designed lounge that is not less than the lounge at Heathrow Airport or John F. Kennedy Airport. The Six Senses Spa has become complimentary for majority of regular travelers to visit every time they reach Abu Dhabi International Airport.

John F. Kennedy International

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York is among busiest airports in the world at the moment. This beautiful designed airport of United States is at No. 1 for having a stunning airport lounge which has been completed with a beautiful purple lighting and a red leather sofa. You may have everything in this lounge same like you can at Heathrow airport (including foot treatments, facials, massages etc.). There is a long list of such things that probably you won’t be needed at that time but it would be nice idea to have.

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