Top 10 Famous Christmas Horror Movies – Must-Watch!

Christmas Eve always makes the faces sparkle when the occasion comes up every year. Planning is done for the occasion to celebrate it with oomph and style. Trees are decorated – so are the houses and buildings. Cakes are cut and sweets are distributed. Santa Clauses are seen endowing the people with the gifts. The giant occasion is really sparkling. Christmas Eve is often projected in movies and there are a number of horror movies as well which carry the Christmas occasion. The top 10 list of the most famous Christmas horror movies of all times is dashed off below.

To All a Goodnight

(Released: 1980) Directed by David Hess, To All a Goodnight stars Forrest Swanson, Jennifer Runyon and Linda Gentile in main leads. This horror flick based on Christmas Eve talks about a bunch of teenagers who arrive at a party where they bump into a fully horrible situation seeing themselves being stalked by a psycho killer in Santa Clause outfit.

Don’t Open Till Christma

Directed by Edmund Purdom, Don’t Open Till Christmas features the director Edmund Purdom enacting the main lead along with Alan Lake. Someone begins killing the masses wearing Santa Clause’s costume one London holiday season and now the investigation agency of the U.K Scotland Yard is on way to stop the killer.

Silent Night, Bloody Night

(Released: 1974) This is a brilliant horror movie talking about a man who becomes heir to a mansion that was once a mental home in the past. He then goes on visiting the home and starts investigating some of the crimes which took place in the past frightening the people residing in the region.

Santa Clause

(Released: 1996) The film tells the story of a young guy who sees her divorced mother having intercourse with a man dressed up in Santa Clause costume. He shoots the two as a result. After many years, he now starts thinking him as Santa Clause. He then builds up obsession for a movie star of erotic horror films Raven and then starts stalking her thoroughly.

Jack Fros

(Released: 1996) Jack Frost talks about a serial killer who gets transformed hereditarily and physically in car wreck. He turns up a killer snowman on way to his revenge for the sheriff who had nabbed him. [smartads]

Santa’s Slay

(Released: 2005)Time is Christmas Eve – year is 2005 and the Santa Clause (Bill Goldberg) hits the space at Hell Township and begins slaughtering the locals there. Nicholas Yuleson, a teenager, comes to know that his grandfather is an angel in actual. He further learns that his grandfather had beaten the son of the devil in a bet thus the evil creature spent more than 1000 years enacting as a good Santa Clause as a result. So now the bet period is over, Santa Clause has fasten the belts to take revenge. Nicholas and his girlfriend are now on way to escape from the murderer.

Silent Night, deadly Night

(Released: 1984) Charles E. Sellier, Jr.’s directed this horror movies features Lilyan Chauvin and Gilmer McCormick in main leads. The film pours light on a young beleaguered teenager whose parents got killed. After his parents’ murder, he moors the belts to go on a murderous run riot getting dressed as Santa Clause.


(Released: 1984) This Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates starrer horror flick tells the story of a boy who unintentionally smashes three important rules relating to his new pet and lands into situation where the flock of vindictively hazardous monsters bump into him on small town.

Christmas Evil

(Released: 1980) This 1980’s release horror flick talks about a boy who simply adores Christmas a lot. He gets frightened when he learns about Santa Clause being not real in actual. Then throughout his life, this boy (who turns toy maker later), he fully tries to make the spirit of Christmas as a reality. When he stumbles upon with cynicism and hypocrisy, he goes on yuletide killing binge.

Black Christmas

(Released: 1974)The movie carries 98 minutes length and is called one of the biggest Christmas horror movies which had grabbed good box office results. An absolute stylish horror thriller, it features Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder. The festival is going on with gusto when the obscene phone calls start happening turning the festivities fatal. Soon it gets clear that some psychopath is there to stalk the home.

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