Top 10 Famous Common and Interesting Myths about Medical Science

Everyone in this world would never compromise when it is related to health especially and he/she would also not like to be April fool particularly about your health. Though some older household techniques are commonly used in different homes around the world but definitely medical science should be authentic source for this purpose. Below list is about top famous common and interesting myths about medical science.

Baby Teeth Cause Fever

You definitely have heard of this 10th in our top famous common and interesting myths about medical science. Do baby teeth cause fever? The answer is “No”. The recent science studies in this area have proved that the teething has no correlation with the fever. So it is recommended to find other causes of fever because teething does not cause fever. Immediately consult your doctor.

You get Cold by Staying Out in Cold

This is really very common myth that you get cold only because you stay in cold for a considerable time. In fact cold is the result of viruses. Actually viruses are smart enough to get easily into the healthy skin cells of a person who stay out in cold. These cells are really difficult for a common person to kill without knocking off the healthier or yet good cells. These cold viruses are cleared out in a time period of a week or two by your immune system.

Cancer Treatment can be Painful

Some of you probably believe that cancer treatment can be painful or pointless. This is a common myth in general public. Well, this myth was true but nearly thirty years ago. But it has been proved in the modern medical science that the treatment to cancer causes less suffering as well as is relatively more effective for the patient. Today 80 percent of the children with leukemia survive while the ratio was 90 percent deaths a few decades ago.

Eclipse can Blind You

Some people probably believe that viewing eclipse using any telescope may not affect their eyesight. But in fact this myth is totally opposite to the actual fact. The medical science has proved that you can have devastated impact on your eyesight (which may result in making you blind) if you stare at eclipse. So always avoid looking at sun directly or without any filtered optical device (specifically made for this purpose) or you will lose your eyesight.

Back Pain

This is a common myth about back pain that a bed rest of couple of hours could get you relief from back pain. But in fact this myth is totally an opposite idea from the actual solution. Medical science has proved that the lower back pain can be prevented or can be significantly at very low rate from taking bed rest. The studies proved that people remain involved in different activities get recover relatively faster then the people who prefer taking bed rest.

Salt Increases Blood Pressure

Well, Americans love salty snacks and they are in intention to agree with any idea that eventually get them away from salty snacks. In fact the most recent medical research proved that the people (especially who have black colors) who have high blood pressure problem may reduce such problem only by reducing even a small amount of salt from their lives. It was proved in 13th International Interdisciplinary Conference in 1998.

Turkey make you Sleep

Have you ever noticed that eating turkey sometimes make you sleepy? Well, it is only because tryptophan is the part of turkey that sparks sleepiness in the eater. Actually you probably have no idea that there is an equal quantity of tryptophan in beef and chicken as it is seen or noted in turkey. Some other foods like pork or cheese may have even more. So believing you get sleepy feeling after eating turkey is totally not understandable.

Chewing Gum Myth

It is a common perception among general public that if someone swallow gum, it would take not less than seven years to pass through your digestive system. But in fact the answer to this question is that the chewing gum doesn’t stay in your digestive system and gets passed in a mass. Though chewing gum in recognized as indigestible item that humans taste but this is another fact that it doesn’t stick inside your digestive system either.

We Use 10 Percent Brain

This could be really interesting to many as medical science has proved that maximum of 10 percent brain is used by an average person. The most recent MRI scans study has proved that the brain has not any dormant area or inactive areas. Some metabolic studies also proved that the science couldn’t found any nonfunctioning area in the brain. But this myth of utilizing 10 percent brain only was sparked during early 1900s.

Midnight Snacks

Midnight snacks are the main reason for many to become fat. The medical science has proved that midnight eating purely results in producing fat over your body. Well, you can’t gain weight as long as you eat exactly the same calories you have burnt though the day, no matter what time it is. You will lose weight if the intake calories are fewer than your burnt and subsequently you will gain weight if your burnt calories are fewer than you intake. So avoid snacks at nights because you don’t burn calories in the night.

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