Top 10 Famous French Hottest and Sexiest Actresses of All Times

French beauties are always praised high in the world. They are stunning, sizzling, seductresses and steamy with most curvaceous body structures to rave big about. They have the sexy personas to slaughter the men. They can kill the men with their oomph factors. They have been endowing the world with their classy acting skills and beauties on celluloid for ages. This article will talk about the classy, hottest and sexiest French actresses of all times. Check out.

Eva Green

Eva-Green-2012 wallpaper 01 She is 29 but has the looks and stunning features which can easily kill the opposite sex. She has the sparkling face that allures the souls. Eva is a brilliant actress and the world acknowledges her skills. In the movie ‘The Dreamers (2003), she was ranked high with her performance.

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou She is a dimpled beauty and her saucy persona and sexy figure is what makes the men go crazy for this babe. In the movie ‘Amelie’ (2001), she allured the world and turned out to be an actress of good class. She is utterly hot.

Sophie Marceau

58771_sofi-marso_or_sophie-marceau_1600x1200_( Sophie is though 43, but she still has sparks to make the men crazy for her and yes, she does every time she comes on screen. The flick La fille de d’ Artagnan Braveheart made her real famous. She is curvy and seductress.

Marion Cotillard

marion_cotillard_1280_800_dec_25_2009_wallpaper-wide A decent looking lady, Marion is always on with her suave looks and decency. She is liked and loved. Her acting is adored. The movie La Vie en Rose (2007) made her the household name in France and across the globe. She has good fan following.

Aïssa Maïga

936full-aissa-maiga At 35, she is still very steamy and hot sexy actress in town. In the movie ‘Bamako (2006), she allured the viewers and people turned out to be her fans. She enjoys stardom in France and abroad. Her skills are liked and appreciated.

Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani Although today she is 55, but in her heydays, she was a class apart in every respect. Her beauty used to be praised higher. She had perfect French looks and beauty. Still she enjoys stardom and people love her. Her horror thriller Possession (1981) made her super famous.

Emmanuelle Béart

Emmanuelle-Beart-009 Emmanuelle is 46, but do you think she looks above 40? Not at all! She is a class and possesses the beauty everyone wants to rave big about. Her dreamy eyes are enough to raise the spirits and likeness. The flick Manon des Sources (1986) turned out to be hugely successful.

Catherine Deneuve

michel-comte-women-catherine-deneuve Today she is 66, but in her young days, she was a killer with seducing skills and steamy sexy figure. The flicks like Belle de Jour (1967) made her a famous name in the entertainment industry. She still enjoys the fame.

Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau She has turned old now and is 82 today. This dreamy eyes and beauty actress has been a great source of entertainment for the French and world audiences, as she provided true acting prowess to the viewers to enjoy with. Elevator to the Gallows (1958) was her best movie that is still liked to watch.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot She is a class in herself…She is a real beauty. She is the most curvaceous babe. She is super hot. Brigitte is stunning in every manner. Just see her and you will automatically praise her. She is beautiful from tip to toe. She is a classy actress. Today she is 75 and in her heydays, she looted the scene. [smartads]

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