Top 10 Famous Interesting Games to Play on Facebook in 2013

Facebook is world renowned and hugely in use social network website in the world. Millions rather billions of users daily use the site. It is world’s largest social network carrying more than one billion registered users. The world famous social network is used for sharing, social networking, chatting, marketing and even for playing games. Facebook games are super popular among the users. On Facebook apps, there are many interesting games to play and people play them every day. Thousands of games are available there. Check out the list of the top 10.

Market Land

Market Land This game is a fantastic one and has been developed and published by GemeGos. It is a stimulation and adventure game based on a story telling the journey and experience of a small shop’s turning into a giant departmental store. It is reported that more than one million users play this game on Facebook.

Disney City Girl

Disney City Girl Playdom has been published by Playdom. Disney City Girl is called a girlie stimulation game. This one is called the most highest rated and played game on Facebook. It normally gets 5 stars. On this game, more than one million users a month come and play it.

Baseball Heroes

Baseball Heroes The reports have it that above 2.5 million users come and play this game on Facebook and it is rated as the 8th best game on the powerful social media site, Facebook. Majority of the people rate it with 5 stars and this is called the brilliance and importance of the game. Syntasia Inc had developed this game in April 2012.

Criminal Case

Criminal Case This one is super interesting and attention fetching in all manners. Once you begin playing it, you get involved into it and start loving it. In this game, you are a detective who solves the criminal cases by using the clues and hints. It has been developed by Pretty Simple and more than 5 million users play this fabulous game on Facebook.

The Sims Social

The Sims Social It is called the role playing and spectacular stimulation game. The game has been developed by world’s famed developer Play Fish and Electronic Arts has published this game. Released in August 2011, it has specially been designed only for Facebook in mind. More than 7 million people play the game on Facebook.

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash It is a 5 star puzzle game which is played on Facebook by the world masses. Wooga, the social game developers, has published this interesting game in March 2011. Today above 10 million people enjoy playing this interesting game on Facebook.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Texes HoldEm Poker It is a casino and poker game. It has been published by none other than the best in the market social game developer called Zynga. You can play this game on iPad, iPhone and Android. More than 10 million people enjoy playing this beautiful game every month.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends Rovio Entertainment has published this game called Angry Birds Friends. It is called the adventure and arcade game and the latest version of the game carries more interesting features to enjoy with. The reports say that Angry Birds is the most played and trendy game on Facebbok. The monthly users are around 10 millions.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Poll It happens to be the much interesting, incredible and outstanding game developed and published by Miniclip. It is called the world’s best online pool game and it is also called the second best game on the social networking site, Facebook. More than 10 million users play this fabulous game every month.

Farm Ville 2

Farm Ville 2 It is called the super interesting and much played game in the world on Facebook. It has been developed by Zynga. This stimulation game carries second version now and more than 10 million world users play this game on Facebook. [smartads]

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