Top 10 Famous Magicians of All Times

Looking for Magicians of All Times ! Magic is really a beautiful but very tough art work that sometimes has claimed the precious lives of its performers. People love magic as it gives them an unnatural look of any scene or they see the things happening in purely a dreamy style like magician changes clothes within seconds in front of people without going a side. There are hundreds of magicians that have performed to top level across the globe but below list contains information about top 10 famous magicians of all times.


Hans Klok

Hans Kolk is probably a top-rated magician in Holland and is at No. 10 in top 10 famous magicians of all times in the world. This Dutch magician was also a well-recognized actor of his time. Klok was born in 1969. He has given some outstanding disappearing performances on camera in which the performance of disappearing Football World Cup Trophy 2006 (18 carat gold trophy) in a glass cage.

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Franz Harary

Franz Harary is at No. 9 in this top 10 list of worldwide famous magicians of all times. This American magician is also regarded as an outstanding inventor of some magic. He has been awarded as the Greatest Magic Performer of the World. The notable magic stunts of Franz Harary include vanishing from the Space Shuttle as well as from the London Bridge.

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Mac King

This 8th in top 10 famous magicians of all times performer was born in 1959. Mac King got popularity as a comedy magician across the nation and globe. Mac has been stunting for decades and still is most loved magician on television. The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is an outstanding magic stunt show at the moment which is widely watched by his fans on television.

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Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller always performed magic as a team. This team of magicians got worldwide fame for their combines illusions and magical stunts. This brilliant pair of the magic world was very famous in Las Vegas and then they earned nation-wide then worldwide fame very soon. They were very famous in the eyes of lay public at their time.

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Lance Burton

Lance Burton was an amazing stage illusionist of his time. He belonged to Columbia where he was born in 1960. Burton got nationwide fame shortly after started performing on the stage. Later on, Burton was honored in many television programs and he also has the honor to perform for President Ronald Regan as well as for the Queen Elizabeth. Burton got 6th position in top 10 famous magicians of all times.

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Doug Henning

Doug Henning, who was actually born with the name Douglas James Henning, was among top rated politicians, escape artists, magicians and illusionists of his time in Canada. His outstanding escape stunts are still watched and acclaimed by his fans across the globe. Dough lost his life after falling in liver cancer.

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David Blaine

David Blaine is another most famous magician of all times who got 4th position in our ranking. This American magician was born in 1973 and got worldwide recognition being an endurance artist as well as illusionist and magician. The street magic buried alive stunt of David Blaine is the reason of his inclusion in this list. Blaine’s “Frozen in Time” stunt was also matchless.

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Criss Angel

Criss Angel is at No. 3 in top 10 famous magicians of all times. This 42-year-old superstar of the magic stunt performers’ industry is worldwide recognized for his stunt performance, music, hypnotics, magic and illusions. Angel is also an outstanding escapologist and an actor. This is the man who won “Magician of the Year” award more than any other magician in the world. “Larry King Live”, “WWE RAW” and even “The Oprah Winfrey Show” has starred him as guest.

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David Copperfield

Though the list maintained by Milt Larsen doesn’t have the name of David Copperfield anywhere in top 10, but I don’t think that David Copperfield is a magician who can’t be given space in top 3. This list is based on magician’s public popularity and ability to perform most difficult stunts. David Copperfield was an outstanding writer, producer, director, illusionist and magician. Copperfield is known as most commercially honored or successful magician of all times. This outstanding magician holds 11 Guinness World Records.

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Harry Houdini Magicians of All Times

Harry Houdini is regarded as the top-rated iconic personality in this category. This Hungarian American magician earned worldwide fame in 1890s for his truly outstanding and then unbelievable general public performances. Harry died in 1926 when he was 52-year-old. He was considered matchless in his community. Harry Houdini earned fame in film production, stunt performance and escapology. Buried Alive stunt, Overboard Box escape, Suspended Straitjacket escape, Chinese Water Torture Cell escape, Milk Can escape and Mirror Handcuff challenge are the notable escape stunts performed by Harry Houdini.

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