Top 10 Famous People Who Never Existed

The world is full of different characters that have been known and discussed in different part of the worlds for centuries but factually they never existed. We still believe in their existence and try to portray these fictitious characters to our young generation just to keep them alive. Below is a list of top 10 famous people who never existed:


Uncle Sam People Who Never Existed

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Every resident of United States would be aware of this name. This is definitely the most popular or famous name among government representatives of this world super power. The origin of this name is connected to the Samuel Wilson who was an inspector in Troy, N.Y. with beef and pork department. He was popularly known with the name “Uncle Sam” in 1812 when U.S. had declared was against England. The face of this fictitious character of the history resembles to the person attached to this character i.e. Samuel Wilson.


Romeo and Juliet

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Every lover, even in any corner of the world, would definitely be aware of this most famous love couple. These are the characters that became known to the world through Shakespeare. This notable novelist gave life to these characters in his novel in 1594 or 1595. These are fictitious and never existed. Their worldwide popularity brought them at second position in list of top famous people who never existed.


Betty Crocker

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General Mills merged six milling companies in 1928 to become a big name of the industry and the Washburn Crosby Company was one of them. The company received countless requests to baking questions during 1910s and 1920s. It was decided by company managers to sign company responses to these baking questions personally. So they created a fictitious character with the name Betty Crocker in 1921 and assigned this task to one of their secretary to handle. They took “Crocker” from William Crocker (one of their retired executives) and added Betty being a friendly name. Betty Crocker is on third in top 10 famous people who never existed and is second most famous female personality in United States.


Santa Claus

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Santa Claus is another most popular character or personality in United States and even in many other countries of the world where Christians live in majority. This personality is also regarded as Father Christmas and sometimes as Kris Kringle or Saint Nick. Santa Claus is portrayed generally as a jolly fat bearded man wearing a typical Father Christmas suit of red color with white fur. Good children are given different toys by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.


Hatsune Miku

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Vocaloid software is widely recognized as a notable program to handle or manage singing which is typed by any user in melody and lyrics. It is believed that Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid character. The software works with specifically recorded vocals of professional singers or actors using the synthesizing technology. Inputting melody as well as lyrics is a must in this software to get result. Hatsune Miku was an imaginary singer created and released by a music company in Japan in 2007. [smartads]


Robin Hood

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If we decided to collect information about Robin Hood, there is nothing authentic or reliable source than the tales and ballads of centuries ago. This legendary character (which is believed a fictitious or self-made personality of the history) is famous among people across the globe for his robbing, gallantry the rich people of that time only with intention to feed poor people. Robin Hood always fought against tyranny and injustice. His popularity brought him in the lineup of top 10 famous people who never existed.



[caption id="attachment_279" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Gorillaz People Who Never Existed[/caption]

Tank Girl (co-creator of a funny book), Jamie Hewlett (a top-ranked British cartoonist) and Damon Albarn (a popular British musician) are the three names behind creating “Gorillaz”. This musical project was created by these three in 1998 to portray a comic book’s “Virtual Band”. There were four animated (fictitious) characters in this musical project. The 3D animation was managed by Musion Eyeliner System.


The Marlboro Man

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Anyone, who smokes, would not need an introduction to this worldwide famous cowboy. The Marlboro Man is actually the ultimate and most famous masculine trademark across the globe which depicts an American cowboy. This fictitious character, which actually never existed, helped improving recognition and sales of this cigarette brand all over the world.


Jack Dawson

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It is said about Jack Dawson, the leading character of the film “Titanic” that he did not exist actually and was a fictitious character. Jack Dawson is in top 10 famous people who never existed at 9th position. The records show that there was not any single passenger on this ship with this name. Later on it was discovered that a person was boarded with the name J. Dawson but no one known that what stands for “J.” in this name.


Allegra Coleman

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Allegra Coleman is probably the most famous imaginary celebrity in United States which was purely the invention or creation of Martha Sherrill (a notable American writer). She created Allegra Coleman solely with the intention to include in a hoax magazine article. This imaginary celebrity was portrayed by Ali Larter (a professional actress and model) in 1996. Allegra Coleman is in top 10 famous people who never existed at 10th position.

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