Top 10 Famous Rivalries

Conflicts and oppositions probably have the same age as of human being as they are seen prominently throughout the human history. Most of the times rivalries stay for the time being as they come and go, but some of them have strong influence in our lives and have become so inherent that deny to their existence is impossible even in this modern world. Below list contains info about top 10 famous rivalries of the human history.

Spy vs. Spy Famous Rivalries

A comic strip, which was the publication of Mad Magazine and was the creation of Antonio Prohias, is widely known as the Spy vs. Spy. Though it was published in 1961 but is still a true fact and greatest rivalry that exists today. Two spies (one in black color while the other is in white color) can be seen constantly battling in this strip just to steal secret plans of the opponent as well as to make plans to kill the opponent. [caption id="attachment_713" align="aligncenter" width="424"] spy-vs-spy Famous Rivalries[/caption]

Coke vs. Pepsi

Coca Cola and Pepsi are truly the most prominent as well as biggest cola brands across the globe at the moment that have been struggling to reach to top of the list for years. Both are among top ranking competitors of the world to capture their market. Both have worldwide fame and are widely used in almost every part of the Earth. The immense popularity of these o brands has led a Cola War across the globe. [caption id="attachment_714" align="aligncenter" width="400"] coke-vs-pepsi Famous Rivalries[/caption]

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Star Trek vs. Star Wars is definitely the most prominent rivalry in our lives especially when we speak about bringing war to cyberspace or space. Both of them yet to show their dominance as it is very difficult to say anyone a winner. Both of them have performed exceptionally well to define or make prominent the genre of Science Fiction movies on television. [caption id="attachment_715" align="aligncenter" width="620"] polls-star-wars-vs-star-trek Famous Rivalries[/caption]

Apple vs. Microsoft

The influence of the currently computer dominance in our lives is very difficult to deny. This revolution has brought us two different business rivals that started initially as a small venture but eventually they have become a need of computer industry. They are now most important organization in the computer industry across the globe. Apple vs. Microsoft is at 7th in top 10 famous rivalries of the world at the moment.

Cats vs. Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs could be described as the most famous rivalries or nature enemies that still exist on Earth. Both of these two creatures have their own significance in our lives which developed in centuries since the dawn of civilization. Cats vs. Dogs can be an intense rivalry especially when it is considered about them that they have seemingly opposing characters; one is brash and brawny while the other is cunning and sly; one returns to its master with friendliness while other needs man’s attention. [smartads]

Nature vs. Nurture

It is yet to define that how to describe that who exactly we are? Should we consider the result of experiences and nurturing of lifetime or our genes predestined us to make us what we are today? Do biological imperatives define our behavior? Is this important to say that genes actually worked hard to define what I am today or I raised my life as I wanted to? All these questions are still unknown to human being and we are struggling to get their solutions in this rivalry i.e. nature vs. nurture.

Boys vs. Girls

This is truly a very prominent or significant rivalry of human experiences. The biological need for harmony in the most basic dichotomy in our nature between female and male for survival purpose usually differs because of different genders. This rivalry could be the top most undeniable element of our lives where male is mostly seen dominant and female is seen struggling to seek justice.

East vs. West

Eastern and Western cultures have been the most famous rivalries throughout the history and are at No. 3 in top 10 famous rivalries of our history. This is truly a very extensive as well as complex subject for everyone to describe or debate that spanned centuries of human being’s history. It certainly defines the change of minds in both cultures until modern times. Many names as well as shades have been given to this historical subject or conflict in which political and religious struggles are also included.

Reason vs. Emotion

The constant struggle between our emotions and our reasons is commonly considered as the most relevant or common conflicts of our humanity’s nature. A number of philosophers tried their best to know in depth about these two aspects of human’s life that how and why they change or develop the human thinking. Even today, the science is still struggling to know about the procedure which is followed by our mind to work properly. Reason is probably the logical part of our mind but a big part is played by emotions in our mind which becomes of the reason of our all acts.

Good vs. Evil

Good Vs. Evil is definitely an ultimate rivalry that has same age as of human being and the human history is full of several incidences that prove the existence of this rivalry. Human being has been found involved in struggling to face this eternal battle that can be sometime God vs. evil, order vs. chaos, destruction vs. creation, darkness vs. light etc. You will definitely find any of above struggle in almost every story written by anyone about the history. Love this post you may also love Best Red Wine Brands.

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