Top 10 Famous Smokers

Smoking a cigar has definitely been branded as a very masculine and sophisticated pastime. Ultimately, it is a sign of wealth and power. While smokers puff on cigars at their own leisure, usually in social situations, there are others who are extreme advocates of the humble cigar. Here we take a look at the top ten famous smokers, both past and present.

Alfred Hitchcock

. Alfred Hitchcock He is undoubtedly the master of horror movies and nothing cuts a more powerful and sophisticated image as Hitchcock pondering his next movie title, cigar in hand.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City heartthrob Chris North Sex and the City heartthrob Chris North, otherwise known as ‘Mr. Big’ has an interest in cigars, which allows him to place ninth on our list.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck Tom Selleck can often be seen puffing on a cigar, even in his role of Richard Burke on Friends and the long time smoker doesn’t seem to be giving up the hobby anytime soon.

Bruce Willis

brucewillis Bruce Willis is one of Hollywood’s best action heroes and while he is arguably most famous for his role in the Die Hard sequences, he has tried his hand at many different things and cigar smoking is something he took to like a duck to water. Being a guest at Schwarzenegger’s ‘cigar dinners’ they are two people we would all like to dine with.

Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx The American actor and comedian Groucho Marx was once in a cigar shop and demanded a replacement after an advert promised 30 minutes smoking time and it lasted only 20. As he believed this was wrongly advertised he commanded that he should be allowed to have a substitute.

Jack Nicolson

Jack-nicholson-cigar At our half waypoint, Jack Nicolson is slap bang in the middle. The talented actor has a love for cigars after being a cigarette smoker for a number of years (possibly a fan of Blue Ridge). He chose to start smoking cigars in a bid to relax him in a round of golf and insisted at a later date that a character he played was in fact a cigar smoker.

John F. Kennedy

.  John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy definitely has to place on our list and comes in at an admirable fourth. Shortly before signing his embargo that prevented any Cuban products from being imported into America, he apparently assigned a task to his press secretary, ordering him to get 1,000 Cuban cigars brought into America for his personal use. That is definitely a commitment to cigars.

Al Pacino

.  Al Pacino Al Pacino, arguably one of films most infamous gangsters is probably most famous for his portrayal of Tony Montana in ‘Scarface.’ The cigar smoking star takes third place on our list and although he may not be one of the most famous cigar smokers out their, Tony Montana certainly is, allowing for Al Pacino to slip into the top three spot.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin comes second on our list and he used cigars as a great comic prop. Cigars were highly featured in his slapstick comedies, including one exploding and while this may not happen any more in modern films, at one time is was considered comic genius.

Winston Churchill

sir-winston-churchill1 Clinching the number one spot couldn’t be anyone other than the famous British leader, Winston Churchill. Churchill could rarely be seen without a cigar hanging from his mouth and it has even been rumoured that a plane was manufactured in World War II that allowed him to smoke his trusty cigar whilst in the air. His favourite cigars were Cuban, which are arguably the highest quality and most expensive cigars available. [smartads]

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