Top 10 Famous Sports Car Accidents

Motor racing has always been among most watched and loved sports events in the world. Car racing is currently the most popular as well as largest spectator sports event that is still held in the world. Formula 1 (or Formula One or F1) is truly on top in the motor or auto racing category across the globe while in America NASCAR is matchless. Auto racing was first introduced as a worldwide sport in 1900 Olympics Games. This sport is equally dangerous and has claimed several lives so far. Below list describes top 10 famous sports car accidents:


Scott Kalitta Sports Car Accidents

Scott Kalitta earned nationwide fame being a two time winner of the Top Fuel Drag Championship. Kalitta was the very first American racing car driver who won both Funny Car as well as Top Fuel races the same year. The engine of Scott’s car suddenly exploded when he was about to reach the end in the final lap of a qualifying race in Englishtown, New Jersey at the Oldbride Township Raceway. His car hit concrete fence with a speed of 300 MPH passing through the sand trap that claimed his life.

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Bruce McLaren

Bruce McLaren was a renowned Formula One driver who belonged to New Zealand but unfortunately he never won that race in his life. It doesn’t mean McLaren was an ordinary driver but in fact, he was among astonishing drivers of Formula One. McLaren won four times in his career in more than 100 events. McLaren died in Goodwood Circuit, England in 1970 when his car crashed during a test run.

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Ronald Ratzenberger

Ronald Ratzenberger, an outstanding racing car driver of all times, lost his life at in 1994 Imola, the next day of the death of AyrtonSenna. A five race deal was signed by Ratzenberger in 1994 with Simtek Racing but died in his first year of contract. His car hit with the wall during a qualifying round that resulted in a fatal crash later on.

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Joe Weatherly

Joe Weatherly was truly on top in his time and his popularity among his fans brought him a nickname “The Clown Prince of Racing” because of outstanding three consecutive reasons. Weatherly was widely recognized as a most accomplished as well as successful driver of his time as he won consecutive twelve NASCAR championships along with 25 other races. Joe lost his life at Riverside International Raceway in 1964 at his fifth season of the race. He was killed instantly because of hitting his head with the wall during crash.

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Eddie Sachs

Eddie Sachs participated in many racing through America and has won many races that earned him nationwide fame in this industry. Sachs also participated in number of times in Indianapolis 500. He was also honored with nickname “Clown Prince of Racing”. He always used to tie a lemon around his nick which became the reason of his fame as well. Sachs crashed in 1964 Indianapolis 500 after hitting with Dave MacDonald. MacDonald’s car also crashed and suddenly started burning. Sachs tried to avoid but slammed into the MacDonald’s sliding car and exploded that claimed Sachs life.

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Mark Donohue

Mark Donohue was also very famous with the name “Captain Nice” among his motor racing fans. The most prominent recognition factor of Donohue was the Can-Am Championship of 1973 where all races were named to Donohue as a winner. This excellent record awarded him a nickname “The Can-Am Killer”. This marvelous racing driver lost his life of a hemorrhage shortly after meeting a sports car accident in Austria.

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Gilles Villenueve

Canadian motorsports probably has nothing more famous and significant driver than Gilles Villenueve. The career of this outstanding Canadian sports car driver started from Quebec, Canada. 1976 Championship was the first tile of Villenueve. McLaren was driven by this Canadian driver in 1977 while Ferrari in 1978. Villenueve won overall six major races throughout his short career. During a qualifying round in 1982’s Belgian Grand Prix, his car hit with an ongoing slower car on the track. The car launched into air after getting hit at 140 MPH and landed into the catch fence that claimed his life.


Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt, who was famous as “The Intimidator” among his NASCAR fans, was among most polarizing figures in this racing industry. His fans were aware of the fact that Dale is the driver who can go up to any extent just to win an event. Earnhardt was also among top successors of this sporting event as this outstanding driver won 76 races in addition to seven remarkable championships. The Daytona 500 was being led by Earnhardt Jr. as well as by Waltrip (two members of Dale Earnhardt’s team) and both were in the final lap. Earnhardt Sr. was at third position. Suddenly his car slipped down the track and hit dangerously with the wall at 160 MPH. He lost life later on the same day.



AyrtonSenna was unanimously honored as the greatest Formula One driver of the racing history in 2009. The poll was participated by the employees, crew members and the drivers of Formula One. The poll result honored this great racing car driver on top who had won Monaco Grand Prix consecutively six times at that time. Senna has also another record of standing on the pole position in this racing event consecutively from 1989 to 2006. Senna got frustrated start in 1994 as he was twenty points behind from the topper in the ranking table. In the San Marino Grand Prix race in 1994, Senna hit with retaining wall at 135MPH when he was leading the race and died because of deadly skull fracture.


Pierre Levegh, 83 Spectators

Pierre Levegh was a well-popular driver who was working with the Mercedes-Benz as their factory driver. In 1955, after around two hours of racing started that year, Levegh was following race leader in 24 Hour of Le Mans race. Suddenly the way got blocked by a comparatively slower car. Though this road blockage could have been avoided by the lead car but Levegh couldn’t find enough time to think and react wisely. Eventually his car collided with that car (slower car that blocked the way) at almost 150 miles per hour. The car flew through the air and landed on spectators that not only killed Pierre Levegh but 83 spectators as well. This is on top in top 10 famous sports car accidents.

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