Top 10 Famous Unusual but Amazing Uses for Coca Cola

Coca Cola is widely recognized as the very first cola brand in the history which started its journey of generating worldwide user from 1886. This marvelous effort of the Coca Cola Company has been the favorite cola of multiple generations of people in more than two hundred countries on the world map. Though the only use of Coca Cola would be in your mind is definitely to relieve from thirst but below list is about ten famous unusual but amazing uses for Coca Cola.

Cock Rust Remover

Sometimes you decide to open or tight an old nut in your old bicycle, car or motorcycle. As soon as you try to do that, you feel it is full of rust and a little more pressure may turn it into a free nut. Well, Coca Cola is rust buster. You can use this well-popular cola brand for de-rusting purpose. Soak your rusted object in the coke and keep it in the same situation overnight. You will easily remove rust in the morning. It was at No. 10 in our ten famous unusual but amazing uses for Coca Cola list.

Cock Pots Cleaner

Coca Cola may also be used as a pot cleaning detergent. You don’t need to clean all your pots with coca cola but the pots with black film on their bottom could be washed with coke. This is an often problem in house kitchen that a pot got some black film on its bottom and women generally find such pots nearly impossible to clean. Pickup that black-film bottom pot, pour coca cola and put it on a low heat. Leave it for an hour or so, turn heat off and wash as normal. It is clean now.

Cock Smell Remover

It becomes really hectic sometimes for many whenever your bathrooms or moist starts producing toxic smells. It becomes very difficult to stay in for a considerable time to wash clothes or to take bath. Well, this shouldn’t be a big problem for you anymore. Fill up a bucket with water, pour one can of coke, add detergent and wash your bathroom or moist, and you will get smell free area in the end.

Cock Clothe Cleaner

Sometimes you have different stains on your clothes (including grease stains) that are considered difficult to get removed from the normally used detergents at home. Private laundries may cost you heavy amount for this purpose. But Coca Cola is really the cheapest yet very effective solution of this problem. Put your clothes into the normal detergent, pour a can of coke and run though a normal cycle. You will see stain-free clothes in the end for sure.

Cock Bugs Deflector

This could be really a much-required use for Coca Cola to many especially to those who regularly go out for picnic or cookout in a nearby garden, park or jungle. Pour Coca Cola in a cup, place it at a distance from the place you have decided to sit for your picnic. You will notice that fly as well as many other bugs will move away from you towards Coca Cola as the smell of soda attracts them. You will have a bug-free picnic that day.

Cock Bugs Killing

Another most interesting yet very unusual use for Coca Cola is bugs killing. Use a shallow dish, pour some cola into the dish and place it just around the problematic area in your house or garden. You will notice that snails, slugs and several other kinds of bugs actually went in to drink Coca Cola but in fact they couldn’t make their way to come out again. You don’t have to spend money for pesticides as coke can bring you the solution.

Cock Give Antique Look to Your Photos

Probably this heading at No. 4 would be an eye-catching / interesting for many and most of you would be thinking that how coke can give an antique look to your photos? But in fact, coke really can do that. You just need to use a small amount Coke for this purpose, pat it on your photo with a paper and in the end leave your photo to dry. That’s it.

Cock Heal Variety of Ailments

Coca Cola may also be an effective solution especially to get a variety of ailments healed. Getting relief from the soothing upset stomachs is the most common in this list. You should sip coke slowly in this case and eventually you will get alleviate nausea. Coke may also help in curing sore throat as well as may provide relief in diarrhea. These are really interest uses for Coca Cola that definitely would be unknown to many. Just give them a try.

Cock Gum Remover

It is often happened with the college or school students that you got deposited gum onto your hair by someone. This could be really an irritating situation especially if you were unable to remove that gum from your hair. Well, don’t get disappointed and use Coca Cola instead. Pick up a paper towel, dip into the Coke and disengage gum from your hair easily. Just leave the towel into the Coke for a few minutes before use.

Diect cock and Mentos Experiment

Coca Cola may be used in intention to create explosion. Yes, this is true only if you mix diet coke with menthol it results in a volcanic explosion. Take a bottle of coke, just drop a Mentos into it and the chemical reaction will definitely blow your mind and this explosion may throw the coke bottle to several miles. Though you may find some other facts in this list more interesting than this one, but its intensity actually brought it at No. 1 position.

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