Top 10 Famous Weird Mysteries That are Lesser Known

I believe almost everyone in this world love mysteries and is always in search of new material under this category around the web. Reading mysteries is truly an exciting job and therefore we have couple of same-natured posts on our website for our readers. Though majority of mysteries have now become known to many but below list of top famous weird mysteries that are lesser known would definitely be new to many.


Chupas or you may say UFOs are yet most mysterious alien objects in the world. Mostly such objects are seen in Brazil’s eastern forests in the night. People claimed these objects as metallic-like smaller objects that mostly are seen on the treetops. They produce the sound same like we hear coming from a transformer or refrigerator. Chupas are at No. 10 in our top famous weird mysteries that are lesser known to the world.


The Irving family claimed mysterious happenings with them in September 1931 as every member (total 3 members James, Margaret and the couple’s 13-year-old daughter Voirrey) of the family heard rustling and scratching noises persistently behind wooden wall panels of their farmhouse. Initially they thought it the result of a rat but then they noticed different sound like growling of a dog, spitting of a ferret or even gurgling of a baby.

Creepy Gnome

Someone filmed a creepy gnome around four years ago in Argentina. Jose Alvarez was the person who captured that creepy gnome in 2008. Alvarez told a local newspaper that it was accidentally filmed in the province of Salta, Argentina. We were chatting about one of our previous fishing trip when I started filming (my usual habit) using my mobile. I suddenly captured a gnome like figure moving in the grass who was making weird noise.

Felicia Feliz-Mentor

A sudden mysterious illness eventually claimed the life of Felicia Felix-Mentor in 1907 in Haiti. Later on, in 1936, people saw a half-nude or you may say in ragged clothing wandering through the streets, eventually reached to a farm. She claimed that the farm was the ownership of her father. That woman was then identified as the Felicia Felix-Mentor by the farm owners. She was believed to be dead by all. This story is at No. 7 in our top famous weird mysteries that are lesser known to the world list.

Freddy Jackson’s Ghost

The above scary picture was taken by Sir Victor Goddard in 1919 which was published for the first time in 1975 to view by public. All the squadron members of the Goddard were captured in this picture which served the nation during World War I. The photo also captured an extra ghostly face which was later on described as the face of Freddy Jackson who accidentally had lost his life two days earlier because of an airplane propeller.

SS Ourang Medan

Numerous ships picked up distress calls just around Indonesia in February 1948 from a ship which was proving its identity as the Dutch freighter SS Ourang Medan. The most mysterious message from that ship was that captain is lying dead in chartroom and all other officers have also lost their lives on bridge and in chartroom. The messenger further messaged that probably everyone in crew has died. The final message from the ship was “I die”.

Devil’s Footprints

Devil’s footprints mysterious incident is at No. 4 in our top famous weird mysteries that are lesser known to the world list. It was a cold night of February in 1855 (probably 8-9) when a light snowfall covered whole place. The mysterious part of this snowfall was the hoof-like marks that were seen by everyone in the morning appeared in the snow. The footprints were eight inches in length and 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width. The same footprints also appeared recently in the same Devon area on March 12, 2009.

Overtoun Bridge

A very famous arch bridge is commonly known with the name the Overtoun Bridge in Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland. This historical bridge stands in this area since 1859. The strange fact about this bridge is that it has taken lives of several dogs. Every dog jumped from the same point into the same direction. If a dog couldn’t die in first attempt, it came again on the same point, in same direction and jumped again to death.

Shanti Deva

Shanti Deva is literally a mysterious story that happened in India. She told her parents in 1930 (when she was only 4) that it was her second birth as previously she was born and lived in Muttra. Shanti Deva also told her parents that she was a mother of three in her previous life and died while she was delivering a baby. She told her previous life’s name Ludgi. Her parents went to that destination and got shocked to know that everything she told them was right. They met even her previous husband and kids.

James Worson

James Worson suddenly got disappeared on September 3, 1873 while he was running on the road. The background of this mystery is that a challenge was accepted by Worson just to prove his extraordinary running abilities and selected a race between Leamington and Coventry over a long 20-mile trek. He suddenly got disappeared while was running in the middle of the running along with two horse riders who though saw him falling on the ground but didn’t see him touching the ground.

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