Top 10 Famous World’s Safest Countries to Live in 2013

Want to Live Safest Countries ? Everyone needs a peaceful, relaxing and a relatively safer place in the times of world conflict, a period like we have seen in the past in shape of World War I or II. Different countries of the world have been facing the growing number of crimes, mainly because of emerging economy crises. Many countries are still struggling to restore their economic conditions but it needs time and this thing is making these countries difficult or dangerous to live. Below list is about ten safest countries across the globe where everyone would like to live in 2013.




Sweden is among those very few countries that do not make headlines in international media for any crime that could be categorized in major crimes’ category. This peace-loving country is the capital of Scandinavian community. This 10th very safe country in the world has dozens of attractive sites to visit and live in 2013. The cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm are the most scenic tourist cities in the Scandinavian region.



Finland The quiet environment of Finland can easily improve the ranking of Finland in this list of safest countries to live by everyone in the coming year 2013. You will definitely find this Scandinavian country your perfect escape especially when you need to get rid of the international conflicts. This is the last country of the world towards North Pole and remains under heavy snow for more than six months every year.




Austria is among those few beautiful countries where hills are alive and presents the world a unique feature of safety. This central European country is commonly known as the land of music. It is also among top 10 countries of the world where crime rate is very low and neighbors live in a peaceful relationship. Some recent less tolerant and respectful incidents of the Austrian cities in terms of human rights actually lost its ranking to 8th in this list as it was previously in the top 5.




Australia is rapidly emerging economy at the moment which has the consecutive successful years in the past decade. This rapid economy boom has brought a wave of prosperity in the country that also resulted in reducing crime rate in this continental country. Australia is full of natural resources and is among those few nations that are known as the huge potential economy holding countries. Australia is also included in the list of friendliest countries of the world.




Norway is really very beautiful and is among most peaceful nations of the world. You can select to live in this country in any year because of the lowest crime ratio and friendlier nature of the local residents. The land is full of colorful painted fishing villages as well as of breathtaking mountains. The Kingdom of Norway is commonly known as the safest, prosperous and wealthier nation in the world where everyone has religious and cultural freedom and tolerance.




Ireland is another European nation which is among top 5 safest countries to live in the coming year 2013. Ireland is commonly known as the friendliest country on the world map where everyone enjoys living in peaceful manner. The people are friendly and hardworking and the country is full of friendly neighborhood communities. The country holds several annual entertainment events every year. It will give you the experience of living safest while enjoying the bunch of entertainment.




Denmark is among best and safest countries on the world map where every individual always wishes to live permanently. The country tops the world stats in terms of lowest child-poverty rate across the globe. This is only because the Denmark has an active child services implemented on its land. Though historically this country became the major reason of ravaging Europe for more than 1000 years but today it has become 4th safest nation in the world.




Most of you probably have not heard the name of this third safest country in this list. This is an island country which is located on the world map midway between Australia and Hawaii. This beautiful, scenic (full of natural beauty) country comprises four reef islands. Fiji, Samoa, Nauru and Kiribati are the nearest neighboring islands of Tuvalu which could be your next stop to live in 2013.


New Zealand


New Zealand could be the second safest country to live for everyone who wishes to live in the safest country in the coming year 2013. This “Land of the Long White Cloud” is full of icy glaciers, impressive mountains and rolling green hills. There are some worldwide famous multicultural cities in this country like Wellington and Auckland. The outdoor enthusiasts consider little New Zealand a paradise on Earth. The high respect for human rights gives it a second highest rank of safest country.




Iceland is on top and is widely recognized as the safest place everyone would like to live in 2013. This is No. 1 country in the world which has no enemies throughout the history of its independence. It is among the most stable economies of the world. The stable economy has happy people in the country that welcome people all over the world in pure friendlier manners. You would be amazed reading that Iceland has 0 percent crime rate. [smartads]

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  1. Tihomir

    Is this a joke?
    Iceland has 0% crime rate and stable economy????
    And please check the photo of Tuvalu. This could be any place in the world but Tuvalu (pop. 10,000).

    • Oskar

      Sure Tihomir, and Russia is the country who consumes the least amount of vodka, there is no prostitution in Germany and nobody in Amsterdam smokes pot. 🙂

  2. NorwegianBoy

    Hahaha. SINCE WHEN??? Since when did Norway become one of the 10 safest countries. Of some very strange reasons Norway is famous for being safe in many countries. But when one come from Norway and live in Norway you know that is not true. We learn at home and in school that its not recomended to walk alone outdoors in evenings, not even in villages and smal towns. I am from a very smal town, and even here its scary to walk outside in the evening alone. I am always very careful if I go outside in the evening, spesially in the weekend evenings. Every day there are some bad news about Norway in the norwegian newspapers and TV. Its not the most criminal country in the world, but not the safest either. As a norwegian its hard and sad for me to admit that a lot of norwegians are not peaceful, but agressive people. I belive its just as normal to be peaceful as agressive in Norway. Good and bad people are everywhere in every country, but I don’t believe Norway is one of the 10 safest countries, and all norwegians I know will agree with me at this topic

    • Pawvel

      What a bunch of BS, NOBoy. This is obviously your personal opinion. Please come up with some empiric evidence more relevant than this report.

      • NorwegianBoy

        Hello. Yes sorry. I writhe it a little bit wrong. When I say “and all norwegians I know will agree with me at this topic” than I mean all norwegians that I KNOW personally, like close friends. I have been in a lot of countries in my life, and I have talking to forengers in Norway that say that they consetering to move back to they countries because its too much street crime in Norway. But it dependes where you live in Norway. And many people come here from war countries, and OF COURSE its MUCH safer in Norway than in war countries, but forengers coming from countries without war, that they come here because of work reasons, than Norway may not be as safe as their country (depends on wich country they come from). For example, I think mostly Poland is a more peaceful and safe country than Norway. I have been in Poland many times on holiday, and it seams so peaceful, helpful and quit compared to Norway. I don’t know 100% which norms that are most normal in Norway, but for me it looks like its a bit normal to use drugs and drink alot in Norway. But as in all of the world its good and bad people everywhere. But that Norway is 1 of 10 on the list of the most safest? Well I wish to belive this, but it dosent make any sence. I have been talking with many from Norway that live overseas, and they say they feel safer there than in Norway.

          • NorwegianBoy

            Well, maybe its safer than UK, I don’t know, because I don’t live in UK, I have only been there one time in my life, I believe that Norway is safer, because there live less people here than UK, but per 100 inhabitants I don’t know, and you can’t blame all the crime on the immigrants, there are good and bad people of immigrants as well as ethnic norwegians, and some immigrants are afrade of Norway and wanna move back to their countries. Many from Poland says that they feel unsafe in Norway, cause they are not use to that much crime in their own country.

    • Kristine

      I have been living abroad all my life, and now I am back in Norway and I disagree with you. Norway is very safe. I see children from 4-5 years old walking by themselves to and from school, crossing roads holding hands, not scared at all. Norwegians aren’t aggressive, they are just unsocial. I find them rude at times, and sometimes unhelpful, but this is not applied to every Norwegian. And of course, that is my own opinion. And yes, there are drunks, but that’s late on weekend nights, and that again, occurs in every country, no? In addition to this, people cannot control themselves when they drink to much, so of course some become aggressive and such- it depends on how a person handles their alcohol. However, Norway is very safe. Young- VERY young children are able to walk by themselves, take the bus by themselves, we are able to walk anywhere without any fear of being raped, robbed, etc. Obviously, these things happen, they are unfortunate things that are inevitable to control, BUT, at least in my city in Norway, I have never, ever, heard of any of these occurrences. No country is absolutely safe, but in comparison to all the other countries I have lived in, I have been to, the two cities I have lived in Norway is definitely the safest by far.

      • NorwegianBoy

        Yes, sure. No place is safe. I have only lived in Norway. But I have been
        traveling a lot before, and I have never, never in my life been in a country where I have seen as heavy drinking as in Norway, even in eastern europe the alcohol atmosphare seams much more quit and controlled than in Norway, even it’s cheaper compared to the avarage salary and more available for the population there.

      • mee

        i been leaving to different country,, and now I’m her in Norway i could say norwegian boy is right. Back for many years ago we could say it safe country but because some reason their are immigrant coming to these country and we cant deny it.. Yes we have law that had been implement but the penalty is not so heavy compare to other country.
        its not norwigian who comment crime its the foreigner who came her and stay…

        • NorwegianBoy

          Thank you for agree with me…. But still there is some thing that I dissagree. It is NOT just foreners that makes crime in Norway, its all kind of people, including etnic norwegian, because we have a very intense drinking, and drug culture. Even our goverment, and police system is relatively rather honest and fear compared to most other countries, does not mean that every single ethnic norwegian citizen is. Maybe our public system is better than many other countries, but we as people, we are not better than others. I fear people that walk outside in the evening, because many of them are not honest and good people, so one should not walk alone in friday evening, or saturday evening alone, doesnt matter if you are man or female, its not a good idea to walk alone in the evening in the weekends here. I have bad experience of all kind of people, bouth norwegians and foreiners, but manye foreiners are peaceful too, they are individual people just like us ethnic norwegians, but the media loves to make it looks worse if an foreiner does something criminal than if an norwegian does it, I my self is 100% norwegian, and I don’t think that I am of an peaceful nation, I myself is peaceful, and people that I know, but I have been in many countries in my life where I fell that the atmosphear is much more quiet and peaceful than here. I would be more comfortable to walk alone in a street in Poland, than in Norway, because the atmosphear is much more frendly… So the fact that our goverment is good, doesnt make our streets safer than other countries!

  3. Henkie Penkie

    What a load of BULL S*IT
    New Zealand could be a safe country if all Maories move to Australia .
    They are 10% of the population yet 55% if the inmates are Maori, and mostly of violent crime.

  4. Daniel

    I believe NorwegianBoy are right in everything he say’s. I am from Norway too, and I live here, but sometimes I considering to move abroad. Many norwegians move abroad because they does not feel safe enogh here. I think its a exelent country, but its unfortunately a very criminal country, with a lot of alcoholics and drug addics. Sad but true. Its just propaganda the rumors you hear in other countries about Norway. Its not at all a peaceful nation. Maybe we don’t have corrupt police and goverment, but still alot of the people in around country in the streets are rebels.

  5. The Tuvalu photo is actually a photo of the beach Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World. The longhouses at this resort are named after Polynesian islands including Tuvalu – which probably accounts for this photo coming up in a web search.

    • Librain

      Wouldn’t it get awfully crowded? I mean if he’s living, then he must have a physical body (by definition – you can’t escape that without changing the meaning of the word life), which is severely limited in the maximum hand size. Surely his hand would start to get overpopulation issues rather quickly?

  6. Halim

    Yes , very true , New zealand is the second safest country on earth. I lived in Auckland for few years and i loved it so much , friendly people , beautiful landscape and very low crime rate.
    100% pure New zealand .

  7. Nas

    i agree with the list above, Scandinavian countries are save places.
    crimes exist in everywhere, where there are humans there are different crimes.
    Norway is a saver place if you compare it with other countries.

    • Lars

      I’m not sure about that. I do live in Norway. And I am from Norway, and I have been in many countries in my life. I don’t say that Norway is unsafe, but not supersafe either. Your right that there are good and bad people everywhere. But I am a man, and I have muscles, but even I am scared to walk alone in evening time. Norway is a good country, and I love living here, but I never see that kind of crasy drinking culture as we have in Norway in no other countries, and also we unfortunately have some racists, fortunately not very much, but more than many other countries, and I have been in many countries, and many of the countries that I have been in, I have been several times and know the community of thouse countries, so I think Norway is safe, but not one of the 10 safest, maybe one of the 20 safest in world.

  8. Sameer

    Hi! I live in Finland and i think Finland is safe country to live in. One can also walk outside at night without any problem, of course there are places like here in capital Helsinki which should be avoided at night but that’s not a major problem. I think biggest problem of Finland is it’s drinking culture, here we consume too much of alcohol, and that can be seen on the weekends in the streets, and also in the local news

  9. Scandinavian

    I don’t know what to say about this list. But personally I do believe that the safest country is your own country (as long as you don’t live in a country with war or brutal conflicts). I believe that one are safest in one own country, unless its a massive conflict country. But when that is said, NOWHERE is really very safe

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