Top 10 famous banned Movie Posters That Couldn’t Get Approved

J3DPTZ68C7CF This is a fact that movies have to create a charming, most attractive poster well-before their launch only to win more audience in the theaters compare to other competitor movies at the same time. It’s all about advertising, poster, cast and theme of the picture that make a movie more prominent or promising in the viewers’ mind and they plan their repetitive visits to the theaters to have another look at their favorite scenes. But still there are many movies that couldn’t get their first-hand made posters approved because of their double-nature. Below list describes those movie posters that grabbed much criticism than appreciation.

Les Infideles

Looking at the poster of this movie, one can easily say that this poster shouldn’t get approved from the authorities as it has purely double meaning that is not at all suitable for the teenagers particularly. The criticism attracted by this movie poster had put the Oscar bid of jean Dujardin into threatening condition, many say. You can say Dujardin posing in this movie poster between a pair of female legs which is being said a degrading image for any women in public.

Dying Breed

I can bet that looking at the poster of Dying Breed, no one would protest against the ban of this movie poster. It was rejected to get displayed in Australia at the very first sight for the reason “too gruesome” to be displayed for public. But producers claimed that to stand out of crowd it was a greatest idea they produced in shape of this poster and they succeeded in their mission.

Zack and Miri Make a P-o-r-n-o

Well, looking at the poster of “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” doesn’t give you an offensive look at the first sight, but actually looking at the full poster (especially the bottom of the poster) makes it offensive for the kids and teenagers. The sexual content of this poster actually became the reason of censoring this poster because it actually depicts oral sex and is not suitable to be displayed in open public places. Though both actors were in full clothes in this poster but still it couldn’t get approved.

The Hills Have Eyes

MPAA didn’t take much time and banned this poster which was to become official poster for the movie “The Hills Have Eyes”. They claimed it was too horrifying imagery that also glamorized torture which is not suitable for children or younger audiences. But later on, they allowed it to be displayed in public places only with a minor change in the original poster, the arm should be replaced with the leg because it reduces the torture.

Ali G Indahouse

Wow, how can they feel that this kind of posters could get approval from the censuring authorities? Look at the poster and decide if it fits in the category that is suitable for younger audiences? I think every producer should avoid making such racy posters they are really offensive for public display. Several complains about its offensive nature eventually banned it to place in public places. [smartads]

The Outlaw

I think there shouldn’t be any restriction for this commercial poster of “The Outlaw” to become an official poster of any movie, especially if we see some posters that were passed by the censuring authorities in the past. But they made it a controversial poster by banning it from becoming its official poster. They claimed it was racy enough to get banned. Decide yourself if they were true?


Wanted is a US-based movie which was released to enjoy in 2008. Though the movie circles around the most of others same era movies but its official poster, which was submitted for approval, couldn’t get attention of the concern authorities and they banned it immediately. The authorities took a stance that this poster glamorizing the violence as well the gun usage which is definitely not suitable for the younger audiences.


Sizzling Elisha Cuthbert is always a demand for thousands of beauty lover to be included in almost every movie they want to see in theaters. But the movie poster she made for the film Captivity couldn’t get approved from the authorities. It actually demonstrates different states of confinement, torture, abduction and finally termination which attracted a lot of criticism for the producer and director of this movie and eventually resulted in banning this poster becoming an official one.

Shoot ‘em Up

Looking at the poster of Shoot ‘em up movie, one can say that there is nothing in this movie poster that it should be banned to become an official poster for any movie. Actually the reason given for banning this poster from becoming an official poster for Shoot ‘em up movie, stated that it actually promotes gun usage and violence. The producers didn’t accept this reason as they said that the audiences were not taken on the target of the gun in this image.


Teeth is at No. 1 in all those movies that ever produced a movie poster which couldn’t never get approval to be the official poster of any non-nude public movie. Looking at the x-Ray picture/poster of this movie may give you an idea why is this a banned movie poster? The story of this movie Teeth circles around a teenage girl who has teeth in her vaginal which is rarely seen concept in modern movies.

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