Top 10 Hottest Places in the World

The earth comprises of many seasons and every country on planet earth has various seasons to enjoy with. But there are many countries out there which carry the same season throughout the year like in the Gulf States, etc. In this article, the top 10 hottest places in the world will be discussed.

Agha Jari (Iran)

Agha Jari (Iran) This is the hottest place on earth and it is called the month which brings super hot in the country is July when the extreme temperature turns 128F and in Celsius it is 53.33C.

Wadi Halfa (Sudan)

Wadi Halfa (Sudan) This place in Sudan experiences both hot and dry climate. In June, the hotness is on its peak in the area and the temperature touches 127F.

Tirat Tavi (Israel)

Tirat Tavi (Israel) It is in Israel and in June, this place turns out to be the super hot with temperature touching to 128 to 129F.

Ahwaz (Iran)

Ahwaz (Iran) Ahwaz is another hottest place of Iran and when August approaches, the place touches to 128.3F.

Timbuktu (Mali)

Araounane (Mali) In Mali, Timbouctou is the hottest place of the country. In April, the area becomes ultimate hot with temperature turning out to be around 130.1F.

Araounane (Mali)

Timbouctou (Mali) The fifth hottest place in the world is also in Mali. May is called the super hot month is the area with temperature as 130F.

Ghudamis (Libya)

Ghudamis (Libya) It is located in Libya and the temparture over there ranges between 130F to 131F. May to September, the hotness is on height.

Kebili (Tunisia)

Kebili (Tunisia) It is the third hottest place in the world located in Tunisia. The hottest month is July and the extreme temperature is 131F.

Greenland Ranch (United States)

Greenland Ranch (United States) It is situated in the U.S. and is the second hottest place in the world with temperature touching to 134F. Hottest month there is July.

Al’ Aziziyah (Libya)

Al’ Aziziyah (Libya) It is the first hottest place in the world having temperature as 136.4F. September is the hottest month of the year. [smartads]

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