Top 10 Interesting Abandoned Places

Though there are a lot of abandoned placed across the globe but actually we want to discuss only the abandoned places of the modern world that have not been abandoned centuries ago. Generally humans are known as the greatest explorers on Earth, and this is the only habit of human being (I mean finding or discovering new things) that separates it from other animals on this planet. Below are top 10 interesting abandoned places where everyone would like to visit at least once in the life time. Some of you would definitely think that why they can’t be populated once again. Well find the answer below.

City Hall Subway Station, New York City, USA

There is a perfectly preserved monument right under the busy streets of NYC (New York City), in USA, which was once the busiest transportation method in the city history. The construction of this subway station was started more than a century ago as part of initial underground network of transportation in New York City. But authorities shut this subway station down in 1945 and since then it lay dormant and untouched.

Katoli World, Taiwan

Katoli theme park was built in eighties and was also featured in the Oscar winning movie of Miyazaki named “Spirited Away”. The start of the movie showed a family stumbled across an old park. Those who have seen that movie will immediately know that it was the park where that scene was filmed. Soon after its opening the park lost its popularity and has been seen abandoned since then. This is a must-watch abandoned place in this list.

Varosha, Cyprus

Varosha, once a very famous resort destination in Cyprus, is now the eighth in top 10 interesting abandoned places in the world. It was the most visited eastern Mediterranean resort destination in Cyprus until 1974, when Turkish invasion brought this island in their control. Though some seaside buildings remained in tact, but majority of beaches and streets in Varosha are empty.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Bull’s Head Tavern was opened in 1814 in Centralia by Johnathan Faust. Later on in 1866, US authorities incorporated Centralia as a borough. The principal employer of this community was the anthracite coal industry until the 1960s, a time when majority of companies left coal industry. A huge coal fire commenced underground in 1962 which couldn’t be controlled and burned even during 1970s. it resulted in abandoning this place due to severe life threats.

Abandoned Water Park, Russia

Russian authorities planned and built a massive indoor water park mainly to serve the children of the area. There is a myriad of rides within a high towering (one of many other towering) which is of many stories high. The developer couldn’t afford its completion and left the project unfinished. There were many water slides, pools and other water related activities included in this water park to be built, but left unfinished months away from its completion.

Yashima, Japan

Yashima is widely known as a flat terrain in Japan located in the northeast region of Takamatsu (known as the second most populated city located in the Shikoku area). Takamatsu is also known as among major islands in Japan. This flat terrain is long enough to touch the sea at one end. The famous historical battle of Japan’s history, which was fought on 22nd March, 1185, was also fought on this plateau during the Genpei War.

Abandoned Cathedral, Gary, Indiana, USA

The fall of industrial revolution not only stuck hardy the city of Detroit but it also hit adversely the city of Gary, Indiana. Though some of massive industrial factories located in this area are still in operation, but the main cathedral in this area lost its population and became abandoned with all its beauty. The church is equipped with the beautiful religious iconography, the grand architecture of exterior, cathedral ceiling and the arched is still like it was created.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is widely known to Ukraine residents located in northern Ukraine in the alienation Zone. This area is very close to the Belarus border. History tells us that the Pripyat population was consisted on around 50,000 inhabitants, where mostly the workers of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant were placed. The place was abandoned shortly after the Chernobyl disaster happened in this area in 1986.

British Sea Forts, England

A series of sea forts was constructed by British Royal Navy during the Second World War mainly with the aim to develop an advanced defense line against inbound air raids from the Axis powers. Though others got destroyed but Maunsell Sea Forts series is still alive and stand today, but is abandoned and looks pretty silently standing in the North Sea, a few meters above the sea level. This abandoned place is widely visited by maritime explorers.

Craco, Italy

Craco is a very famous (on top in this list) abandoned place in the world located in the Matera province, Italy in the Region of Basilicata. This top-rated abandoned place is very close to Gulf of Taranto (only 25 miles distance). This medieval town was built up with long undulating hills in this area and residents used to crop wheat mainly. It was a lively town during Archbishop Arnaldo time in 1060.  

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