Top 10 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012 are to kick off officially today i.e. July 27, 2012 which is the mega sports event in the history of mankind. There is a wide variety of Sports and Games that are officially the part of this largest sports event at the moment. It originally was started in the ancient Greece and is still being carried out as an event that occurs every four year. There are several interesting facts about this year’s Olympics event that is to start in London on July 27, 2012.

Dr. Penny Brooke (a notable Englishman)

Well, probably there would be many who don’t know that Dr. Penny Brooke (a notable Englishman) is the personality behind modern Olympic Games and therefore is known as the founder of the modern look of this mega event. Dr. Brooke is currently recognized as the pride of London. But history is seen divided on this fact as some claim that first modern Olympic was held in 1866 at a small town of Much Wenlock.

Mascots on new Olympic Stadium 2012

Another most interest thing that will definitely be noted and seen by every guest in this year’s Olympic Games in London which is being described as London Mascot. This is truly amazing mascot that has a design of his head same like you will notice at the London Olympics Stadium. You will also notice this mascot wearing some other interesting things including bands in his hands. It would be really very attractive and interesting for almost every visitor on this occasion.

science of numerology Olympic Games

The science of numerology is another very interesting fact about this mega event of London this year. Previously two consecutive Olympic Games were held in London and it is third time that this city is the home to Olympic Games in 2012. There are some numerological facts that have been circulating over internet on different sites regarding Great Britain and their winning medals in 1948 Olympic Games of London. These are really interesting numerological facts.

Olympics Games of 2012 Location

Though the Olympics Games of 2012 are being held at a very ole’ kind of place located in the surrounding of London, but the management and the workers really worked very hard to make it a place like heaven, lush green sceneries are seen everywhere. This green concept is actually to promote green as well as much-needed healthier environment in the world for the people coming to see their favorite players and teams in action and for the athletes as well obviously.

Liddell and Abrahams (Chariots of Fire)

Liddell and Abrahams, the two British gold medalists who won titles of 400 meters and 100 meters races respectively during 1924 Paris Olympic Games, have also been featured in the “Chariots of Fire”, an Award winning film made on the Olympic concept in 1981. These two British Olympic medalists are the featuring point of this film which is a unique honor for any Olympian so far. [smartads]

Olympics inauguration 2012 Olympics

The building for the Olympics inauguration was a real mega project of the England history which has been completed with more than USD $20 billion approximately. The whole money was not contributed by the England government but local British nationals also contributed a huge amount of USD $625 million and supported their government to get this project finished with perfection well before time. That is really interesting.

Nude in public

This could be an annoying fact for many but to me it is the need of time and is a much-need act. Every spectator who will be caught nude on stage in any sporting event / competition will be fined immediately. This is strictly prohibited in London Olympics this year. You can be fined as high as GBP 20,000 even for a single such attempt. So be careful about going nude in public during your visit especially in the football match.

Olympic Committee management

The Olympic Committee management of England started preparing for the London Olympics 2012 even from May 2008 when they started preparing for the Olympic stadium and park. Nearly 5,000 people were hired initially by the management to get this project completed in time, but soon after they hired more staff. This hard work could complete this building not before 2012, which has an honor of largest Urban Park across the Europe.

Nobel Peace Prize winning ceremony

The second top-rated interesting fact about this year’s Olympic Games of England is the Nobel Peace Prize winning ceremony of the Philip Noel, who is an Englishman and an Olympic Medalist. He was given the silver medal during 1920 Antwerp Games for getting second position in 1500 meter race. He is the only person in England who won both titles i.e. Nobel Prize and the Olympic medal.

Venues of Olympic 2012

All of the sports included in this year’s Olympic Games at London will not be held at same venue as multiple venues have been selected and prepared by the England manage for this year’s Olympic Games. This is truly the biggest news for the people. There are different venues for cycling, football, hockey and riding etc. in this year’s event. Central London, Hyde Park, O2 Arena and Wimbledon etc. are the notable venues of London Olympics 2012.

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