Top 10 iPhone 4S Cases with Magical looks and Features

Apple’s iPhone is a big invention in technological field. This invention has really added sparkles to the world with its brilliant awesome features which you cannot find in any other cellular product. Apple keeps on adding extra features to the latest versions and obviously the latest versions are always awaited hugely. The people really sit on the edge to wait for the latest versions Apple announces in advance. Apple’s iPhone 4S is used a lot and since this item is super costly, the protection of it is essential. Thus the users go for the cases to protect it. The market is full of the cases of iPhone 4S but zeroing in the best looking is what should be the focus of every user. To help you out, we have enlisted the top 10 iPhone 4S cases so that you can make the choice as per your liking.

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 4S Case

It is a superb leather iPhone 4S case to fulfill your needs. It has two card slots. The snap top puts the iPhone 4S and the credit cards in the case with ease. To use the camera, you find vast room. If you are in a need to carry the cash along, you may tuck fewer bills behind the phone. This case is available in various colors.

Otterbox Defender iPhone4s

These cases really makes protection for iPhone 4S. Important thing is that the three layers on the case gives full protection to the iPhone from droppings. The built-in-screen protector of the case aptly protects the iPhone’s display covered with belt holster staple. Otyerbox Defender iPhone 4S cases are available in various colors.

GelaSkins Hard Case

GelaSkins is widely popular for the breath-arresting customizable skins and the certified artwork which glues to the iPhone 4S aptly, but GelaSkins has now come up with the hard cases which offer extra protection. They are hugely available with the magnificent designs and customizable looks.

Opena Case

In addition to the strong hard case, which really makes full protection of your iPhone 4S from breaking, scrapes and other dangerous things, Opena Case is laced with a stainless steel bottle opener to allure you fully. Wow! While enjoying the phone, you can chill with the chilly beverages.

Tuneband iPhone 4S Running Case

This case for the iPhone 4S is a pretty fit for runners who are always in need to strap their cellular products on their arms. By using Tuneband iPhone 4S Running Case, they can strap the phone to their arm with ease. Thus they would no longer be in any need of carrying the iPhone along. [smartads]

Schreer Delights Retro Case

Seeing your iPhone 4S continuously, one gets bored with the look and sleek curves. Although the designing of the product is really breath-ceasing and pretty but the continuous viewing makes it boring. To get rid of this, you can buy the Schreer Delights Retro iPhone Cases which will turn your iPhone 4S’s boring appearance into a fresher eye-candy chic look.

Case-Mate Phantom iPhone Case

This case is breath-taking and really beautiful. It aptly protects the iPhone 4S from dropping and seals the ports of the iPhone sans any kind of additional bulk. It is available in various colors and most importantly at much economical prices.

Piel Frama iPhone Wallet Case

It has beautifully and creatively designed. This leather case attracts the eyes instantly because of its eye-candy design and the features it possesses. Peile Frama Leather iPhone 4S Wallet Case includes an awesome leather wallet casing. The interesting feature is that it adds least bulk nonetheless it possesses space for credit cards. It supports the iPhone 4S to be in portrait mode. The hand stitching is really attention-fetching and gorgeous and the leather presents a classy touch.

Incipio OffGRID Pro

This iPhone 4S case is really enticing and attention grabbing besides being laced with astonishing features to rave about. It endows the users with extra battery life. It is heavy but the fit appears to be cozy and strong. The extra battery though adds a little bit of bulk to the case’s back but it is not disturbing at all. The beneficial feature is that it provides the users full access to all the ports, buttons and camera. The curvy back of the case makes it comfy to hold.

Zero Chroma Teatro-S iPhone Case

The interesting thing about this iPhone 4S case is that it really does not add much bulk but it certainly features a kickstand placed at the back of the case. This stand rotates and it does for FaceTime in portrait mode or rotates when you watch movies in landscape. The brilliant feature is that it turns tripod for filming the visuals with iPhone 4S.

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