Top 10 IT Companies in the World

Information technology has become the need of humans at the moment and this is going to be very difficult to survive without the usage of IT from our routine’s lives. There are hundreds of IT Companies in the World that are serving people all over the world in different areas according to their expertise. Some of these IT related companies are big names in mobile technology, some in laptops / personal computers and some in software / hardware manufacturing. Yahoo Finance recently published a list of top 10 IT companies in the world. We compiled it for you below:


Apple Inc list of IT Companies in the World

Apple Inc. has a variety of products on its credit and this versatility brought this IT related company on top of the list. The company manufactures laptops and their operating system (Macintosh), and mobile phones. iPhone and iPad are most notable products of this company. Apple Inc. has become now a $590.82 billion venture. It is now regarded as the most valuable company in the world among other IT competitors. Apple reached at top position in a very short time.

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IBM has been in the information technology business for more than 100 years which makes it one of the oldest IT related companies that exists today. The company has become a $238.07 billion venture and therefore, secures second position in this list. This multinational American firm deals mainly in consulting and technology business. They sell computer software/hardware and also are known as computer manufacturer. IBM is a big name in consulting, hosting and infrastructure services for nanotechnology and mainframes.

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Microsoft has a significant involvement in the IT industry and one can say that there is no PC industry without Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation has become an iconic company in this category. Microsoft Windows is the most used IT related product across the globe. The company is now a $264.48 billion organization that brings her on third position at top ten IT companies in the world.

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4 –Google Inc.:


Google Inc

Google is probably the most used term today among IT users or professionals across the globe. The company is going to become the market leader in various IT fields. They started with a search engine service and moved on to next step of free email service with 1 GB space in an era when other notable email services were providing only 1MB. Google Inc. has a market worth of $163.11 billion which has been increasing gradually over the time.



Oracle has become $148.56 billion business and has been well on track of improving its market value in the coming years. This company is commonly recognized among IT professionals being an outstanding hardware and software company. The company initially started its business as a seller of database systems provider. Oracle gained strength by acquiring multiple organization time by time. The biggest in this list are BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems, PeopleSoft and Agile Software. The company was an idea of Larry Ellison who is known as its co-founder and CEO.


Intel Inc.

Intel Inc. is no doubt a market leader in manufacturing computer processors. Therefore, it is probably a known name to almost every person who owns a computer or laptop across the world. Intel is now a $140.19 billion company. Intel is a big name or matchless manufacturer in microprocessor industry. The company is busy in introducing new architectures for the microprocessor industry after every few years. Every newer version brings improvement in computing capability.



Qualcomm is truly a big name in the mobile phone chip industry as they have been in the mobile phone chip manufacturing business for years. The company has a rich history of providing innovative ideas to this industry. Though the core business of Qualcomm is mobile chipsets manufacturing but the company has successfully entered into the PC microprocessor manufacturing fields which is truly a big decision for this company. Qualcomm is now $113.65 billion venture.



Cisco has become gradually a $108.90 billion venture and has been gaining market repute in IT industry over the time. The company is at eighth position because of its market volume. The company announced a series of layoffs last year because of several ups and downs. Cisco provides networking / routing solutions to businesses. The company has a vision of focusing Brazilian and Indian market as the company CEO expects more business from these markets in coming years.



The IT related company, which is on ninth position in top ten IT companies in the world’s list is Amazon. This is a worldwide recognized and used e-commerce company which is an awesome idea of Jeff Bezos. He started this service for selling books, but the company is now selling almost everything that can be purchased / sold online. Amazon Kindle is an awesome effort of this e-commerce venture in the computing / hardware devices industry.



EMC has become $59.95 billion venture only because of its consistent performance in the “big data” and cloud computing. The company is expecting strong revenue in the coming years only because of going through the purple patch phase. The company started its IT related business by providing solution to data storage, but now the company has been providing software and hardware services exceptionally well to the companies / organization that need to transfer to IT structure.

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