Top 10 Misused English Words

Misused words are getting higher place in our daily lives and even people with native English background doesn’t know sometimes what they are taking and should they pronounce such words in a situation they want to use them? You will have a number of examples of misused words over Internet and most popular example can be described as “Google Instant” which is truly an example of this English language word being abused. Below top 10 misused English words’ list will tell you what’s going on actually.

Refute Misused English Words

The typical meaning of refute in English language is “disprove with evidence” but people have been using this word to replace “rebut”, which probably have almost very similar meaning. But the word rebut is not as strong in English dictionary as the word refute is. Some top-rated newspaper agencies are using this word erroneously in their articles which should be avoided. Recently we heard the word “refudiate” from Sarah Palin in her speech. This is at No. 10 in our top 10 misused English word


Enormity is yet another top-rated misused English language word at the moment which is probably used in replacement of the term “enormousness”. Well, we should avoid replacing enormousness with the word enormity because both have different meaning. The typical meaning of enormity is nothing but “extreme evil”. Now you decide, should we use or replace the word enormousness with enormity? Really ridiculous.


The typical meaning of the English language’s word “instant” is nothing but a precise moment in time. But you can see we only use this term to describe anything if it has the meaning quickly or without any delay. We use instant only in those sentence where we want anything to be done immediately, which is though is correct up to some extent but should not be limited to this meaning only. Google Instant is really a bad example of abusing any English language word.


Panacea is the 7th top-rated English language’s word in our top 10 misused English words which is often used wrongly in daily lives. The general meaning of “Panacea” is nothing but a cure all. The roots of this English word are linked back to the Greek word “panorama”. In fact the use of this English word to imply a single thing’s cure should be avoided.


Chronic generally is used by medical doctors very often. They use this term only to refer anything in the long term and a chronic disease is generally regarded as a long-term disease. For example, you say that someone has been suffering from a chronic heart problem, means that he has a long term heart pain or problem. But you will see it using the term “very bad” which is incorrect and “acute” should be selected to place in this situation.


If you open and read some pages from Roman history you will find the term decimation commonly used in the European culture. Roman people used this term to punish one from ten people. This term was used when Roman decided to kill one from ten people they captured. It means decimate should be implied whenever your meaning is to describe 10 percent of anything is destroyed. It’s better to use term “devastate” instead of decimate.


You also hear or read the term disinterested in many online articles which people probably think have the same meanings as “uninterested”. But in fact, this is not the case because “uninterested” and “disinterested” have different meanings. Disinterested is used to describe a person who has no any connection with anything and should be called to settle down a dispute, but uninterested means someone is not interested in anything.


Less is at No. 3 in our top 10 misused English words in daily routine whether on Internet, in classroom or even at offices. Less should be used to compare those quantities that are difficult or nearly impossible to count, but people use it even for comparing those quantities that are very easy to count. For example, you are asked to write something on a typical topic but “100 or less words”. This is totally a wrong usage of less because here fewer should be used because you can count the quantity in this example.


Literally is yet another top rated keyword which is commonly misused by almost everyone on Internet as well as in the routine lives. Now people have known the importance to avoid this term in their discussions. The basic purpose of using this term is to describe anything that is actually happening. But people are found using it for emphasis, which is incorrect and misuse of this term. Therefore, should be avoided to correct English language.


This is among very common words that can be read in thousands of articles on hundreds of websites on daily basis. Mostly the term is used by technology related blogs to discuss or describe the qualities of an item as they treat this word to claim an item “the best or awesome”. But in fact, the term ultimate has a meaning to describe the last item in a list. Can you believe that? No one treat this word for its original meanings today but they put it in their article to describe anything as “best”.  

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  1. IRISH

    The most misused word I have seen is “gay”. Gay means happy but many today use it when they really mean sexually challenged.

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