Top 10 Most Amazing Streets around the World

I believe almost everyone in this world will be fond of traveling because this is included in the blood of man since the time began. Most of the travelers in the world would definitely have many things to share with others, including beautiful yet really very amazing streets and roads that are located in different countries of the world and have earned a lot of fame. Below list is about ten most amazing streets around the world. You may visit one of these streets in your next visit to the respective country.

Road to Giza

Road to Giza is at No. 10 in our list of ten most amazing streets around the world. This is also named as the oldest known road that still exists on the world. It is said that the road is linked back to more than 4,600 years by the researchers or historians. It is relatively wider roads of that time as it is six and a half feet wide. The total length of this oldest known road is around seven and half miles.

Pan American Highway

If you ever wonder about the name of the longest motoring road across the globe, stop wondering because the answer is the Pan-American Highway. Yes previously the record was with Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada, but multiple changes (made to this street over the years) have brought it ahead of Yonge Street in this list. You will be amazed as this street is around 48,000 kilometers long that passes through 15 countries.

9 de Julio Avenue

9 de Julio Avenue is probably the busiest road in Argentina. It is also recognized as the widest street than any other street located anywhere in the world. Its name was set in honor of the independence day of this South American country. The street has six lanes in both directions. Traveling on this road, you can see several notable landmarks of the country along the roadside, including Plaza de la Republica.

The Ebenezer Place

The Ebenezer Place though doesn’t look like the name of a street but in fact this (so called) street was officially declared as a street in 1887. Looking at the picture above will definitely make you think that if it is really a street? Ebenezer Place is also recognized as the shortest street at the moment in any part of the world as it is only 2.06 meters long. This is the part of Wick, Scotland. This place has been serving as a hotel these days.

The Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout would be probably the most recognized street in our list of ten most amazing streets around the world, because it is available to watch almost on every website that has funny or craziest picture to display for their visitors. This British roundabout is also recognized as the worst roundabout ever made in the world. The Magic Roundabout was built with 5 relatively smaller roundabouts back in 1972.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street, which is the most interesting and amazing street in San Francisco, is also recognized as the Crookedest Street around the world. There is another name for this road which is described as the switchbacks, probably only because of its hair-pin turn-type shape that make it an amazing road. Actually the designer had an idea that probably the road would be too steep if vehicles are allowed to come straight, therefore they created these hair-pin style turns.

Savoy Court

Though you have to drive on the left throughout England but Savoy Court is the only street in this beautiful European country where everyone has to drive on the right. It looks like the rule was made to facilitate the old Hackney Cabs. Actually the driver didn’t have to come out of his cab to open the backdoor for his passenger. This act was allowed in United Kingdom by a special act of British parliament.

Parliament Street in Exeter

Parliament Street is widely recognized as probably the narrowest street in the world. It may be true but I think there are many narrowest streets in India and Pakistan as well. Well, this street is also among oldest streets in United Kingdom as it dates back to 1300s. It is only 50 meters long which is located in Exeter, England. It is only 25 inches wide and people with wider bodies should definitely avoiding passing through the Parliament Street.

Baldwin Street in Dunedin

Baldwin Street, which is located in Dunedin, is commonly known as the steepest street that exists on Earth at the moment. This amazing street in New Zealand is same like many other streets in this country because there are many cities in New Zealand that have been built on hilly areas or mountains because of lack of settlement land in the country. The notable British town planners designed this street that had no idea of such a ridiculous or nearly impossible design for the project.

Copse Hill Road in Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter is a well-popular village in Britain which is famous all over the world for its beautifully designed and prepared Cotswolds cottages. But the most romantic street in this village has brought this British village another reason to proud of. The name of this street is Copse Hill Road which was voted last year as the most romantic street in the world. This voting was managed by the Google Street View.

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