Top 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth – Stay Away to be Safe

The world is the eye-candy gorgeous place i.e. the planet earth is the most eye-pleasingly beautiful that God has made and we live on it. The sceneries, plants, mountains, snow-falling, rivers, canals, oceans, birds, animals – this all and much more God has produced and this all instantly grabbed our eyes making and leaving us utter romantic. We cannot help praising for God’s creations. Man has further beautified the world by constructing the magical and unbelievable buildings, roads and by making innovative creations in technology. The thirst of visiting the globe seeing the gorgeous locales of the world rightly exists in humans but there exist few most dangerous places on earth, which were not dangerous but have been made with bad circumstances, worst economies, wars and bloodsheds, etc. These places or cities are certainly not recommended to visit apart from their beauties or anything. In this post, the list of top 10 most dangerous places on earth will be discussed. Read on to get equipped with the knowledge and you are not advised to step into these locales.

Caracas, Venezuela

The 10th place on the list is Caracas – a Venezuelan city. The place is widely famous for theft and the bad criminal activities keep on happening on high rate in the city. No matter what type of security you are laced with or heavy security you have with you, you are not spare of the criminal activities. You can easily be robbed and there is no escape from crimes. The most happening crimes in Caracas include killing, thefts, car lifting and the list goes on. Caracas carries the highest killing rate in the world. This has made it the most dangerous place of the world.

Grozny, Chechnya

Next on the list is Grozny, the capital city of Chechnya. The country came on the map of world in 1991 when it declared its independence. The invasion of Russian troops is still very high there. They keep on attacking the citizens. The rebels are in high quantity there. Military attacks are much common in the city and it causes the deaths of the military personnel and the civilians. The city is popular for being much dangerous due to military attacks, rebels, drug mafia and terrorist activities happening on the land.

Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, once called the Asian tiger due to being the business tycoon, has been spoiled most dangerously due to the killings of the innocent people and terrorists attacks keep on happening in the city. Apart from the terrorists’ attacks, the city is always filled with the criminal activities like murders, target killings and abducting. Cellular phones’ stealing, car lifting and robberies are much common. People are not safe at all in the city.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil, the real beautiful country of the world, is not safe too as well. The city Rio de Janeiro is among the dangerous cities of the world. Although the city happens to be busy but it carries the highest crime rate which is unavoidable. In the days of summer, when the visitors from around the globe start hitting the place, the crime rate touches the heights. The local government begins issuing the warnings to the visitors not to wear any kind of jewelry or carry big amount along when coming out.

Bogota, Colombia

Colombia, once the central focus of every world tourist, has turned out to be the most hazardous city of the world due to the drug mafia working heavily and deeply there apart from other biggest crimes taking place in the country. Bogota, the city of Columbia, is laced with the heavy amount of drug dealers and it has made the city full of crimes. The tourists now cannot even think of visiting the city at all. They are not safe there. The drug mafia keeps on abducting the people and the tourists and their main target is the tourists for kidnapping. The violence too is on high in the city. [smartads]

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the tourists’ paradise and we often witness many movies of the world being picturised in the city since it carries many eye-candy locales and sceneries which attract the eyes. But the increasing crime rate has made the city so much dangerous that now the tourists avoid booking any tickets to the city. The robberies, house breaking and sexual abuse are much common criminal activities there which are the biggest threats for the tourists.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico, which is called a tourists’ place, is swathed with the magical locales which spell magic with the souls. Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican city, is notorious in the world because of the existence of the drug dealers. The gangland murders keep on happening at this terra firma. Abduction and extortion are common there.

Mogadishu, Somalia

Somalia is super notorious for the terrorist activities, kidnapping and other criminal activities in the world. The Somalians’ abducting the ships of other countries for money are common stories. They keep on doing this hazardous act. The civil war began in 1991 in Somalia and since then there has been no central government. This has made the economic condition worst.

Kinshasa (Congo)

This African city is notorious for the high rate of crimes in the world. Thefts (major and minors), pick-pocketing are much common. Drug mafia is working like kings there. The economic condition is highly low which has made the city full of crimes.

Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad has turned out to be the most dangerous city in the world, the place which is worst and super hazardous and not advisable to be visited. The bomb blasts and suicide attacks keep happening in the city. Life is under threat all the time.

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