Top 10 Most Evil Women of History

We generally believe that women are the sign of love, care and humbleness but actually the history is full of such women that truly changed the way of thinking about women. They turned into a living devil for some reasons and eventually named as the most evil women in their times. Our list of top 10 most evil women of history tries to bring some notorious women of all time that brought women in totally different sketch to the world.

Tz’u-His – The Dragon Empress

Tz’u-His – The Dragon Empress was among most powerful women in China’s Manchu Qing Dynasty. She later on successfully managed becoming ruler of this Chinese dynasty and ruled for over 48 years. History tells about Tz’u-His – The Dragon Empress that she was a conformist ruler of the Chinese history. This extremely powerful figure of the Chinese history never supported establishing new reformist ways to rule the Chinese land. History noted her as very arrogant and rigid ruler of Qing Dynasty.

Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton, a notoriously recognized Englishwoman, is yet another historically famous serial killer who killed for profit purposes only. Cotton got married to William Mowbray when she was only 20 who then decided to settle in Plymouth area of Devon. Cotton gave birth to five kids. Four out of her five kids lost their lives of gastric fever or stomach pains. She moved back to north-east, gave birth to three more kids but they all also died. Her husband William Mowbray and second husband George Ward, both died of intestinal disorder. Later on it proved that she killed all by arsenic poisoning.

Agrippina The Younger

We have another wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius in this top 10 most evil women of history’s list and the name of this wife is Agrippina who was his fourth wife. Agrippina was truly very famous among Roman people for her exquisite beauty. The emperor Augustus was her great grand-father. She somehow successfully managed marrying with Claudius who became fond her beauty. She killed every known woman of that time who was every praised by Emperor Claudius.

Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch is renowned in the history with different names including “Buchenwalder Schlampe (in German) or the Bitch of Buchenwald (in English)” and “Die Hexe von Buchenwald (in German) or the Witch of Buchenwald (in English)”. She was actually recognized in the history as the wife of Karl Koch who served from 1937 to 1941 as the Buchenwald concentration camp commandant, and from 1941 to 1943 as the Majdanek concentration camp commandant. Ilse Koch was widely involved in torturing the slaves because of powers rendered by her husband.

Valeria Messalina

Valeria Messalina was on top in the list of most evil women in the Roman Empires. This third wife of Claudius (very famous Roman Emperor of the past), was among highly influential as well as very powerful reigning empresses of the Roman history. It was famous about Valeria Messalina that probably this reigning empress had great immortality powers. She plotted to kill her own husband i.e. Roman Emperor Claudius but got executed after getting revealed her plan. [smartads]

Irma Grese

Irma Grese, also known as the Nazi’s final solution product, was working at Ravensbruck, Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps as a guard. Grese was also named in the history as “Bitch of Belsen” by many. She got promoted in 1943 to the Senior Supervisor after being transferred to Auschwitz camp only within a year. Irma Grese was looking after over 30,000 Jewish female prisoners in Auschwitz camp where she found involved in savaging those female prisoners by arbitrary shootings, sexual excesses, half-starved dogs, selecting for gas chamber and brutally beating with plaited whip.

Audrey Marie Hilley

Audrey Marie Hilley is yet another American-born woman who got top position in this most evil women’s list of the history so far. Hilley was from Alabama where she got involved in murdering her husband. Hilley killed him in 1975 and after three years attempted killing her daughter. Both of these cases had arsenic injection as common weapon of killing. The history is silent yet for the actual cause behind this cruelty of Hilley that provoked her killing her near ones.

Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight was the first Australian woman who got her name listed in this most evil women’s list as this Australian woman had a life-long history of relationship violence. Knight was sentenced by Australian authorities to the natural life term. The known crimes of Knight include the throat slashing of eight-week-old puppy of one of her ex-husbands and dentures mashing of her another ex-husband. The publicly known heated relationship of Knight was with John Charles Thomas Price only because Knight filed an Apprehended Violence Order against this man. Knight then chopped Price with butcher’s knife.  

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden became a renowned personality to the American people on August 4, 1892 when this unmarried English woman (who was then only 32 year old) brutally killed her stepmother along with her real father. These murders were then named by many as “The Fall River Murders”, mainly because she killed them in the Fall River area of Massachusetts. Though the trial cleared Lizzie Borden’s involvement from these murders, but still this British woman is placed second in top 10 most evil women of history.

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory is the women of our history who is recognized as the most evil or most infamous woman in the world so far. She was renowned for the serial killing and got nationwide popularity in Hungary / Slovakia in her time. But now the cruelty of Elizabeth Bathory is known to the world. The peasant girls of her time were offered by Elizabeth to get well-paid jobs at the castle, but as soon as they entered into the castle, the outer world never saw them coming out. She killed hundreds of peasant girls during her twenty-five year ruling period.  

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