Top 10 Most Famous Dangerous Guns of Modern World

You will agree that Dangerous Guns are the most important weapons at the moment that are common both in civilian gangs as well as in military of any country across the globe. I couldn’t find any suitable or popular weapon than guns throughout the history. The world is full of this latest technology that is available to purchase in different price ranges, qualities and varieties. Some of these guns are truly very dangerous even for their owners. Below list describes such weapons briefly.

50 M2HB “Ma Deuce” BMG

BMG stands for “Browning Machine Gun”. The 10th most dangerous gun in our list is .50 M2HB “Ma Deuce” BMG which is the best shoulder-fired cartridge at the moment. It was designed keeping power in mind to fire high volume of rounds per minute. This gun is able of firing 1,200 rounds within one minute. Wow! It can fire a curtain of bullets within minutes.


F-2000 Assault Rifle

FN Herstal, the notable Belgian weapon manufacturing company is the inventor or creator of F-2000 Assault Rifle which was invented in 2000. The first public display of this 9th top-rated dangerous gun was made in 2001 in Abu Dhabi in an exhibition. There are two main assemblies that are the features of this rifle which also has a detachable hand guard. Experts consider F-2000 Assault Rifle too much lethal for humans.


Colt Single Action Army Revolver

Colt .45 Revolver could be an amazing weapon in this list for many because of its category but in fact it became extraordinarily popular among its user only because of its mind blowing accuracy especially at close range. It was invented in 1873. Colt .45 revolver was hard enough to push a man backward on his feet. You can imagine its dangerousness with this fact that this revolver is enough to hunt a black bear or dear.


XM307 AC SW Advanced Machine Gun

XM307 AC SW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun is at No. 7 in terms of dangerousness and popularity. This is among most light weight machine guns in the heavy machine guns category. U.S. Army designed this top-rated dangerous weapon to use against their enemies in the battlefield. It is really very lethal to use on humans as it can hit its target from a long distance of even 2 kilometers.


Henry Repeating Rifle

Henry Repeating Rifle is widely considered a granddaddy of all those firearms that are categorized under lever-action firearms category. This most dangerous rifle of the human history was invented in 1860 by Benjamin Tyler Henry. But it couldn’t get its place in Army only because authorities believed that it would waste a lot of ammunition. They believed that the soldiers would love firing too quickly using this rifle, so they didn’t allow it to be included in the Army. A good man can fire maximum of 28 rounds in one minute using this gun. [smartads]


Uzi Submachine Gun

Officers and troops included in the U.S. Army love Uzi Submachine Gun keeping with them as the best weapon to use for self defense. Major Uzil Gal was the person behind creating this 5th top-rated most dangerous gun in the world. He was an Israeli soldier who launched this gun in 1950. Israeli soldiers are still use to have this gun in their lives. This gun has an owner of first gun in the world that uses a telescope bold design in this manufacturing.


AK-47 Dangerous Guns

AK-47 is widely famous for its competency of firing bulk of rounds in one-go as well as for its accuracy to fire on target. This facility and ability makes AK-47 one of the most famous dangerous guns at the moment. It is perfect to perform your job within 400 yards’ range (a range which is often seen in battlefield). The best feature of AK-47 is that it will not break down in any condition, like it can be thrown under tank and it will be untouched or unbroken.


Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun

Mr. John T. Thompson invented a gun in 1919 which was named after his name. The name of this machine gun is Thompson M1981 Submachine Gun which was made to use by American soldiers. This submachine gun earned popularity pretty quickly being a superb compact reliable weapon of that time. Later on it earned fame with its nick name “Tommy Gun”. M1921 Submachine Gun is able of automatic firing in high volume which makes it a dangerous weapon.


Colt 1911 .45 ACP

Same like the accuracy and popularity of AK-47, Colt 1911 .45 ACP handgun was invented in 1911 by the Colt Company. The name of inventor was John Browning who had designed this handgun for American soldiers. Soon after its creation, the handgun earned worldwide popularity and became world beater particularly during WWI & WWII. The use of this .45 ACP handgun is the most impressive feature which enables even an untrained civilian to use it with impressive accuracy.


D SR Precision D SR 50 Sniper Rifle

Nothing could be dangerous than the D SR Precision D SR 50 Sniper Rifle. This is truly the most dangerous weapon at the moment which is able of firing maximum of 50 rounds in one go. This gun is smart enough to reduce reloading time for the user only because of the placement of holder that is attached to the front of this sniper rifle. It is prepared with 660 mm barrel.

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