Top 10 Most Famous Historical Gamblers

Gambling has been recognized as an art in most of the countries of the world since it is known to human, and therefore, gambles were provided a legal support for this activity. They were never arrested or sentenced for violating any laws in any country instead of religion Islam where gambling is prohibited in any way. Western cultures are full of gambling and gamblers and history has dozens of notable gamblers on its record, but below is a top 10 most famous historical gamblers’ list.

John Montague Historical Gamblers

John Montague was another outstanding gambler who lived from 1718 to 1792 in England. Montague is recognized in the British history as a statesman who was deputed to different prestigious and important stations in his career both in political as well as military offices. Montague was fond playing at card table where he used to eat two slices of bread with some slices of meat between these slices throughout the time he was on the table. It was the time when sandwich invented probably. [caption id="attachment_552" align="aligncenter" width="423"] John Montague Historical Gamblers[/caption]

John Aspinall

John Aspinall completed his degree at Oxford and was the part of Marines. The interest of gambling was started emerging in the life of John Aspinall during his time in Marines. Aspinall bought a Howler just around Canterbury which was a notable country mansion of the 18th century. This purchase was the result of Aspinall’s winning of 1956. There are 9 acres of parkland as well as gardens in this estate where he developed first zoo of his life. [caption id="attachment_553" align="aligncenter" width="600"] John Aspinall Historical Gamblers[/caption]

Michael de Montaigne

Michael de Montaigne was an outstanding gambler of the history and got 8th spot in our top 10 most famous historical gamblers’ list. Montaigne was among top-rated as well as most influential writers in France in his time. Montaigne lived for 59 years from 1533 to 1592. Montaigne is also regarded as Modern Skepticism’s father in this modern world for his matchless contribution. Montaigne also wrote many books. [caption id="attachment_554" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Michel-de-Montaigne Historical Gamblers[/caption]

Jerome Cardan

Jerome Cardan lived for 75 years from 1501 to 1576 and earned a fame being an outstanding scientist of his time. This Italian resident was a notable physician, mathematician and the gambler of that time. Cardan worked exceptionally well in algebra field and became known to world for his efforts. Cardan loved playing chess but adopted gambling as his final addiction. [caption id="attachment_555" align="aligncenter" width="399"] Jerome Cardan Historical Gamblers[/caption]

Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes was a nationwide famous personality in the history for his outstanding efforts in philosophy and science field. Descartes also enjoyed nationwide fame for his outstanding gambling abilities. This greatest gambler of our top 10 famous historical gamblers’ list lived from 1596 to 1650. Initially Descartes started law practice to adopt it as his life profession, but he couldn’t continue it for very long and selected to go for gambling as his ultimate profession of life.

Charles the II

Charles the II earned worldwide fame in 1660 for restoring English monarchy. He was fond of gambling a lived a robust life for this addiction. “Merry King” was the nickname used to call this English monarch. Charles the II was fond of playing “Games of Chance” and played this game throughout his gambler tenure. His addiction for gambling became the reason behind spreading gambling throughout the country and later in in North America (the greatest British Colony at that time).

Casanova de Seingalt

Probably the name “Casanova” would give you an impression of a womanizer, wild irresponsible or a reckless personality today but in fact, Casanova de Seingalt was a very famous and a distinguished personality in 1800s through the European society. He was an adventurer and a lawyer by profession, but was also famous for his writing and gambling abilities. His gambling abilities made him popular throughout Europe even at the age of 21.

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok was truly on top in American gambling history who was actually famous among gamblers and other general public in America for his nickname as a respectable person of his time. His reputation among American people was of an honorable man because of his greatest contribution as a war hero. Hickok also fought to give justice to other people throughout his life. Hickok was wild about playing draw poker.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky is truly among top gamblers of the human history. This greatest gambler is on 2nd in our top 10 most famous historical gamblers of all times. Dostoevsky was also regarded in Russia as the most influential novelist in the country. His two notable novels were “The Gambler” and the “Crime and Punishment”. “Games of Chance” was the main game in Dostoevsky’s life. His addiction for gambling can be read in his novels where he discussed the psychology and effects of his gambling life.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet is a messenger by profession when he started using his gambling abilities just to quit his job because of very little earning. His major intention behind starting gambling was to start his career as a painter by investing his winning amount. Later on Monet founded French Impressionism. Monet got nationwide fame for his winning amount of $13,450 in 1891 which was earned from French Lottery. This winning introduced us a greatest painter of all times. Please check our recent post Famous Casinos her.

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