Top 10 Most Famous & Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012 or 2013

Hollywood female celebs are really keen to show off their sexy curves hottest bikini bodies on the beaches. They would love to hit the sandy and cool water beaches to play with the waves. The female celebrities of-course want attention and they are fame hungry and this hunger no doubt takes them to spend vacations and private time at the exotic places and normally there is no other place like beaches where they can easily throw their clothes away to slip into two-piece. The babes are seen enjoying and playing alone or mostly with their loved ones in sexy and revealing bikinis. In this article, we will go for exposing the best hottest bikini bodies of 2012. Check out the hottest celebrity babes in bikinis who really heat you up from tip to toe.

Christina Aguilera

Christina comes up at the tenth place of our list of 10 hottest bikini bodies of 2012. She is the babe who already likes showing off her bigger pair of assets in deep cleavage making it her trademark style and when she comes to beaches, she goes extra miles to flaunt off the curves in revealing bikinis. All of these babes are really hot. Hope you must have enjoyed our list of the hottest bikini bodies.

Jessica Alba

The 31-year-old American television and film star is all the rage and has whopping amount of fans across the globe. She loves to visit beaches and playing on the sand and chilly water seem to be her hobbies. She openly flaunts off her sexy body in revealing bikinis and lets the shutterbugs click the photos. A true sex bomb, Jessica is marvelous and a real damsel all the way of Hottest Bikini Bodies.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is famous for her hot body structure and the larger assets she loves to reveal even in fully clad outfits. The deep cleavage can be called her trademark. Well, she seems to be working on the lines ‘if you have something – show it off’. Hmmm…great! Sofia flaunts off her sexy curves on the beaches in two-piece. The colorful bikinis she wears aptly fit to her marvelously maintained body. The babe keeps her fit doing workouts.


The Barbados native, Rihanna is the central attraction of the media people. The shutterbugs are after her all the time. She adorns the tabloids with her hottest stories. She even flipped off her clothes for the intimate sexual photoshoots. She does it all for the publicity after all publicity gives her exposure and puts her on the news. She loves slipping into bikinis and often she is seen enjoying the cool water on the beaches.

Paris Hilton

Hilton Ranked 6 in Hottest Bikini Bodies, the famed socialite and hotel heiress, though comes hardly on the beaches but she is most of the times are found on the yachts vacationing with her beaus and friends. She even throws away all of her clothes to appear in birth suit since she likes this style. Wearing dark sunnies and printed bikinis often, Paris enjoys the cool breeze and the alcohol and has party. She is lively and wants to live life king size. The curvaceous Paris is awesome. [smartads]

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa, the classy beauty, has been spotted a number of times on the beaches and it seems the two-piece is her favorite outfit since she wears it with real style every time she comes to the beach. She accessorizes it with ornaments. Vanessa, 23, was recently spotted at the Hawaii beach wearing a bright colored bikini. Here again she went on accessorizing the bikini with a long and short necklace. Guys check out her hair, they are really in shape even on the beach. How can her hair be in shape on beach, hmmm? Guess, she has the answer for this question.

Cameron Diaz

She likes showing off her sexy abs and is often found posing for many swimwear magazines a true Hottest Bikini Bodies. The front page babe of the magazines and the Hollywood hottie, Cameron flaunts off her sporty figure more on the beaches. The bikinis she wears reflect her classy sense of style in choosing the two-piece. Even she is turning aged, the sparks and the sex appeal is still active and she doesn’t want the sexy sparks to get faded away sooner. The vivacious Cameron is classy when it comes to the great bikini bodies.

LeAnn Rimes

The hottest singer of the singing platform – LeAnn Rimes comes up at number third with her svelte figure. She is the one babe who comes to beach wearing the sunnies most of the time. The two-piece fits her aptly well. LeAnn is among those few female Hollywood celebrities who came to beach more than any other else. She has obsession for the beaches and she keeps on hitting them whenever she finds some leisure time to chill with. The babe always sports a sweet smile and lets the paparazzi grab the pictures. Hmmm…you are a real sex kitten and we love to see you more in bikinis.

Megan Fox

Another Hollywood starlet Megan Fox is at number two of our list. Fox’s bikini body is hugely loved. The fans are really crazy after her pictures whenever she hits the beach. The paparazzi fetch their cameras up to grab the spicy photos of the curvy lady. She is expecting these days and shows baby bump and even she does not hide her bikini body even in pregnant state. This shows how much this Hollywood damsel loves slipping into two-piece. She is super hot even in baby bump – wow! Keep it up, Megan!

Kim Kardashian No. 1 Hottest Bikini Bodies

The world renowned American socialite-model and reality star Kim Kardashian fetches the first place. Well, obviously no other babe in town can get this place from her when it comes to flaunt off the sexy physique in bikini. Kim would love to show off her body in two-piece and often she reveals it in pictures she herself keeps posting on microblogging site. The tabloid queen keeps following the latest trends in fashion and her fashion statements are thoroughly followed up by her tremendous amount of fans situated all over the globe. Kim is dating Kanye West these days and they seem to be in deep love.

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